In the academic year 2016/17, Seminar IMPANGA meets twice per month for a one day session on Friday, with two 60 min. talks:

I. 10:30-11:30
II. 13:00-14:00
(unless stated otherwise).

A standard venue of the seminar is   Room 403   at IM PAN, Warszawa, Śniadeckich 8.

In 2016-17 IMPANGA is organized by Christophe Eyral , Adrian Langer and Piotr Pragacz.

See you at  IMPANGA,


Information on former meetings of the IMPANGA seminar

October 7
impanga 341

1. Adrian Langer, Birational geometry of compactifications of Drinfeld half-spaces over finite fields

2. Piotr Pragacz, Friedrich Hirzebruch - a handful of reminiscences

October 21
impanga 342

1. Tomasz Szemberg, Waldschmidt constants

2. Christophe Eyral, Non-compact Newton boundary and Whitney equisingularity for non-isolated singularities

November 4
impanga 343

1. Arkadiusz Ploski, Numerical semigroups and plane curve singularities I

2. Arkadiusz Ploski, Numerical semigroups and plane curve singularities II

November 18
impanga 344

1. Janusz Gwozdziewicz, Invariance of the Jacobian Newton diagram

2. Slawomir Rams, On line configurations on quartic surfaces 

December 2
impanga 345

1. Peter Petrov, Homological and homotopical variation operators

2. Peter Petrov, Some theorems of Zariski – van Kampen type

December 16
impanga 346

1. Piotr Pragacz, Dualities for Grassmann bundles

2. Lucja Farnik, Asymptotic Hilbert polynomial and Waldschmidt constants

January 13
impanga 347

1. Karol Palka, Generalized Jacobian Conjecture for plane-like surfaces

2. Przemyslaw Chojecki, Overconvergent modular forms and perfectoid Shimura curves

January 27
impanga 348

1. Karol Palka, Generalized Jacobian Conjecture for plane-like surfaces II

2. Slawomir Cynk, Defect formula for nodal complete intersection threefold in $\mathbb P^5$

February 24
impanga 349

1. Adrian Langer, Logarithmic differential forms and the Steenrod algebra

2. Robin Guilbot, Quasismoothness of hypersurfaces in toric varieties

March 10
impanga 350

1. Vincent Grandjean, Stability of degree along semi-algebraic families

2. Pawel Borowka, Hyperelliptic curves on abelian surfaces

March 24
impanga 351

1. Joachim Jelisiejew, The Hilbert scheme of 11 points in A^3 is irreducible

2. Wojciech Gajda, Orders of reductions of non torsion points for abelian varieties over number fields

April 7
impanga 352

1. Marcin Bilski, Higher order approximation of analytic sets by algebraic sets

2. Michal Kapustka, K3^[2] type IHS fourfolds with automorphisms

April 21
impanga 353

1. Annette Werner, P-adic vector bundles and étale parallel transport

2. Szymon Brzostowski, On the Łojasiewicz exponent in singularity theory

May 5
impanga 354

1. Zbigniew Szafraniec, Counting indices of singular points of polynomial mappings
(14:30-15:30, room 209, Math. Inst., Gdansk)

2. Hélène Esnault, Differential equations and finite monodromy (The Jankowski 2017 talk)
(16:15, auditorium no. 2, Math. Inst., Gdansk)

May 19
impanga 355

1. Aleksy Tralle, On Chern's contribution to the Hopf problem

2. Aleksandra Borówka, S^6 as nearly Kähler manifold