Topics for the exam are here.

Lecture took place on Tuesdays, 8:45 in the room 2046, building on the Banach street.

The file with some exercises is here.

Lectures are based on the following books.
Most of the material and exercises is taken from them:

1. R. Kaye,  Models of Peano arithemtic,
2. P. Hájek, P. Pudlák, Metamathematics of first-order arithmetic,
3. H. Kotlarski, A model-theoretic approach to proof theory for arithmetic, an unpublished manuscript of a book.

These are just rough notes from some of the lectures in the fall semester 2006.
Comments, corrections and improvements are welcome.

  1. Lecture 03/10/06
  2. Lecture 10/10/06
  3. Lecture 17/10/06 
  4. Lecture 24/10/06
  5. Lecture 31/10/06
  6. Lecture 07/11/06

And some exercises (exercises updated on 17/10/2006).