Impanga lecture notes to download  (2010-11)

                                            (the revised versions of these notes appeared in "Contributions to Algebraic Geometry - Impanga lecture notes" in
                                                                                             the Series of Congress Reports of EMS Publ. House 2012)

Title Date
P. Blass: The influence of Oscar Zariski on algebraic geometry (13 pp.)
Th. Bauer et al. : Recent developments and open problems in linear series (41 pp.) 27.01.2011/16.04.2011
M. Kapustka: Some degenerations of G2 and Calabi-Yau varieties (12 pp.)
D. Anderson : Introduction to Equivariant Cohomology in Algebraic Geometry (28 pp.) 28.01.2011/30.04.2011
L. Gatto, I. Scherbak: On Generalized Wronskians (39 pp.)
P. Cascini, V. Lazic: The Minimal Model Program Revisited (17 pp.) 08.02.2011/04.03.2011
A. Hochenneger, F. Witt: On complex and symplectic toric stacs (23 pp.)
K. Altmann et al.: The geometry of  T-varieties (42 pp.) 01.03.2011/26.05.2011
C. Jorder, S. Kebekus:  Deformation along subsheaves  (20 pp.)
M. Michalek: Notes on Kebekus' lectures on differential forms on singular spaces (18 pp.) 21.03.2011/30.08.2011
K. Hutchinson, M. Vlasenko:  Lines crossing a tetrahedron and the Bloch group (7 pp.) 06.04.2011/12.04.2011
G. Farkas:  Prym varieties and their moduli  (35 pp.)
M. I.  Mustata: Lecture Notes on Log Canonical Thresholds  (34 pp.) 18.04.2011/13.07.2011
H. Tutaj-Gasinska: Seshadri and  packing constants  (12 pp.)
S. Cynk,  S. Rams: Invariants of hypersurfaces and logarithmic differential forms (20 pp.) 10.06/2011/31.08.2011
G. Berczi: Moduli of map germs, Thom polynomials and the Green-Griffiths conjecture (24 pp.)
S. Mukai: Lecture notes on K3 and Enriques surfaces (14 pp.)
O. Ozturk, P. Pragacz : On Schur function expansions of Thom polynomials (34 pp.)
M. Szyjewski: A note on the kernel of the norm map (8 pp.)