2020 Vision for Dynamics

11.08.2019 - 16.08.2019 | Będlewo

2020 Vision for Dynamics

The conference will focus on topics related to elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic dynamical systems and smooth ergodic theory that have seen much progress, but where significant problems vital to the field remain open. Based on forward-looking presentations of recent developments, the conference will set a broad and concrete agenda for further research on several fronts and bring together senior, mid-career and young practitioners for discussions of open problems in these research areas.

During the conference, we will commemorate the late Anatole Katok, whose research, collaboration, organization and exposition had a significant impact on almost all areas in dynamical systems.

Main topics include:
- billiards and the question of their hyperbolicity and ergodicity
- billiards in polygons, flat surfaces and interval exchange transformations from the perspective of Teichmüller dynamics
- rational billiards
- statistical properties of non-uniformly hyperbolic systems
- the theory of partially hyperbolic systems
- rigidity theory
- connections between dynamical systems and number theory
- invariant measures for homogeneous and affine actions of higher rank abelian groups
- nonuniform measure rigidity
- actions of lattices in semisimple Lie groups
- applications of dynamical systems to statistical physics

For the list of so far confirmed speakers see here.

The conference will take place in the Conference Center in Będlewo (Poland).

In memory of Anatole Katok

Conference e-mail address: 19-vision2020@impan.pl

Registration deadline: 17th June 2019

For the registration details see here.

Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences   Polish Academy of Sciences   Banach Center   National Science Foundation


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