2020 Vision for Dynamics

11.08.2019 - 16.08.2019 | Będlewo


Adam Abrams (Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences)
Flexibility of entropy of boundary maps for surfaces of constant negative curvature

Jairo Bochi (Catholic University of Chile (PUC-Chile))
Flexibility of Lyapunov exponents

Pierre Berger (Université Paris 13)
Influence of the work of A. Katok on the study of non-ergodic dynamics

Aaron Brown (University of Chicago)
Measure rigidity and projective actions of lattices

Leonid Bunimovich (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Finite Time Dynamics

Kajal Das (Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences)
Quasi-isometry between warped cones and uniform measured equivalence

Manfred Denker (Pennsylvania State University)
Local time for ergodic sums

Dmitry Dolgopyat (University of Maryland)
Central Limit Theorem in Dynamical Systems

Alena Erchenko (The Ohio State University)
Flexibility of Lyapunov exponents on the torus

Livio Flaminio (Université de Lille)
Distributions in dynamical systems

Anton Gorodetski (University of California Irvine)
Hyperbolic Dynamics and Spectral Theory

Alexander Gorodnik (University of Zurich)
Randomness for group actions

Colin Guillarmou (CNRS / Université Paris-Sud)
Geodesic stretch and marked length spectrum rigidity

Huyi Hu (Michigan State University)
The essential coexistence phenomenon in Hamiltonian dynamics

Steven Hurder (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Rigidity and Classification of Cantor Actions

Yulij Ilyashenko (National Research University Higher School of Economy)
Global bifurcations on the two sphere: first steps of a new theory

Boris Kalinin (Pennsylvania State University)
Center foliation rigidity for partially hyperbolic toral diffeomorphisms

Vadim Kaloshin (University of Maryland)
On dynamical spectral rigidity of planar domains

Adam Kanigowski (University of Maryland)
Bernoulli and K properties in smooth dynamics

Victor Kleptsyn (CNRS, University of Rennes 1)
Furstenberg theorem: now with a parameter!

Dominik Kwietniak (Jagiellonian University in Kraków)
Feldman-Katok convergence and entropy of nonuniformly hyperbolic measures

Philipp Kunde (Pennsylvania State University)
Loosely Bernoulli odometer-based systems whose corresponding circular systems are not loosely Bernoulli

Mariusz Lemańczyk (Nicolaus Copernicus University)
On some spectral problems in ergodic theory

Carlangelo Liverani (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Partially hyperbolic systems with center close to identity

Michał Misiurewicz (Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis)
Coarse entropy

Dyi-Shing Ou (Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences)
Nonexistence of wandering domains for infinitely renormalizable Hénon maps

Kamlesh Parwani (Eastern Illinois University)
Actions of  mapping class groups on the circle

Mark Pollicott (Warwick University)
Nonconvexity of Lyapunov Spectra

E. Arthur Robinson, Jr. (George Washington University)
Dynamical properties of generalized pinwheel tilings

Federico Rodriguez-Hertz (Pennsylvania State University)
Exponential mixing and its consequences

Victoria Sadovskaya (Pennsylvania State University)
Group-valued cocycles over hyperbolic systems and their periodic data

Maria Saprykina (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
Instability and diffusion in Hamiltonian systems via the Approximation by conjugation method

Jörg Schmeling (MathCenter, Lunds University)
L∞ and pointwise estimates of generalized Thue-Morse trigonometric polynomials

Richard Sharp (University of Warwick)
Periodic orbit growth on covers of Anosov flows

Dmitry Turaev (Imperial College London)
On triple instability

Corinna Ulcigrai (University of Zurich)
Singular spectrum for smooth flows in genus two

Dominic Veconi (Pennsylvania State University)
Equilibrium states of almost Anosov diffeomorphisms

Kurt Vinhage (University of Chicago)
Dynamical Invariants for Unipotent Flows

Agnieszka Zelerowicz (University of Maryland)
Equilibrium measures for some partially hyperbolic systems

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