Geometric and Analytic Group Theory

01.04.2019 - 15.07.2019 | Warsaw

Simons Semester

Geometric and Analytic Group Theory

How to acknowledge the Semester

In publications an acknowledgement "This work was partially supported by the grant 346300 for IMPAN from the Simons Foundation and the matching 2015-2019 Polish MNiSW fund” would be appreciated.

Participants are also kindly asked to add a "Report number" to all publications posted on arxiv.org, which are related to participation in the Simons Semester Geometric and Analytic Group Theory in Warsaw April-July, 2019.
The code to add is:


One can add this code:
1) upon a submission of the paper,
2) upon submitting a revision,
3) without changing the paper.

For 1), and 2), one just adds the report number as a part of Metadata. For 3), in personal arxiv account, click "journal-ref" and add the code in the field "Report number".

On the Simons Semester:

In the last two decades geometric and analytic methods have gained fundamental importance in group
theory and have allowed to obtain significant progress in our understanding of groups and the objects on
which they act. They also propelled the resolution of several outstanding problems, such as the virtual
Haken conjecture or the problem of Atiyah on rationality of L2-Betti numbers.

The scientific activities envisaged in the course of the semester will be articulated around three distinct
but interrelated major themes​:

Cohomological Methods

Non-positive curvature


The goals of the semester are two-fold. First, it will be an opportunity to report on the recent
remarkable progress on the main topics of the semester. This will allow for the participants
of the semester to learn the state-of-the-art and provide the opportunity to exhaust the existing
research paths and ideas and consolidate these achievement. This will be particularly important
for PhD students and young faculty, who will have an opportunity to learn the field directly
from world leaders in the area. Second, we expect that the event will allow to draw new directions
for future research, identify the main challenges and stimulate further development of the field.
The established top experts in the field as well as young researchers participating in the program
will guarantee that the semester will serve as an excellent platform for exchanging ideas
and fostering scientific collaboration.



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