Stochastic Modeling and Control

08.05.2023 - 13.05.2023 | Będlewo

The aim of the conference is to present recent developments in stochastic modeling and control. This kind of conference is organized regularly every 3-4 years over last 20 years. The last one was organized jointly with SIMONS semester no. 10 in 2019.  The idea of the conference is to try to show new areas or directions of research within stochastic modeling and control.  We are planning to gather 50 leading researchers in the field. The conference is organized with the support of Thematic Research Programs (IDUB) from University of Warsaw and Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center together with Simons Semester "Stochastic modeling and control".

The conference will take place in Będlewo Conference Center. Travel directions could be found here.

This is by invitation only conference. If you wish to participate, please contact the organizing committee.


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