Seminarium z układów dynamicznych
(z dynamiki gładkiej, holomorficznej,
iteracji przekształceń odcinka itp.)
Instytutu Matematycznego PAN

Seminarium z układów dynamicznych odbywa się w poniedziałki od godz. 12.15 do 13.45 w Instytucie Matematycznym Polskiej Akademii Nauk przy ul. Śniadeckich 8 w sali 106 (I piętro).

Tematy poprzednich seminariów

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Rok akademicki 2019/2020

9.03.2020 Michał Rams Weighted Birkhoff spectrum
2.03.2020 Reza Mohammadpour Zero temperature limits of equilibrium states for subadditive potentials
24.02.2020 Katrin Gelfert Some skew-products with concave fiber maps
17.02.2020 Weiwei Cui Hausdorff dimension of the escaping set of Speiser functions
10.02.2020 Lorenzo Diaz Stabilization of cycles - blender horseshoes, center-unstable Hénon-like families, and renormalization
3.02.2020 Welington Cordeiro Set-valued maps and topological entropy
27.01.2020 Adam Abrams Partitions and the dynamics of complex continued fractions
20.01.2020 Yonatan Gutman Universal minimal flows of homeomorphism groups of high-dimensional manifolds are not metrizable
13.01.2020 Klaudiusz Czudek Alseda-Misiurewicz systems with place-dependent probabilities
9.12.2019 Michał Rams Mass Transference Principle for general sets
2.12.2019 Ruxi Shi Symbolic extensions, uniform generators and small boundary property for topological regular flows after David Burguet
25.11.2019 Anna Zdunik Thermodynamic formalism for coarse expanding dynamical systems
18.11.2019 Artem Dudko On the asymptotic behavior of the moments of Brolin-Lyubich measures
4.11.2019 Adam Abrams Geodesic flow on compact surfaces of constant negative curvature
28.10.2019 Leticia Pardo-Simon Dynamics of transcendental entire functions with escaping singular orbits
21.10.2019 Matthew Jacques Semigroups of hyperbolic isometries and their parameter spaces
14.10.2019 Adam Śpiewak Probabilistic embedding theorems (2)
7.10.2019 Jonatan Gutman Probabilistic embedding theorems

Rok akademicki 2018/2019

30.09.2019 Bernardo Carvalho Topological Hyperbolicity and beyond
23.09.2019 Andy Zucker Minimal models for pmp actions
Kirill Lazebnik Univalent Polynomials and Hubbard Trees
17.06.2019 Erwin Riegler Rate-Distortion Theory and Quantization for General Sets and Measures
Marco Martens Newhouse Laminations I. Topological aspects of two-dimensional dynamics
Liviana Palmisano Newhouse Laminations II. The construction
10.06.2019 Alexandre De Zotti Hausdorff dimension for irrationally indifferent attractors
20.05.2019 Michał Rams Normal numbers in multiple Birkhoff averages
13.05.2019 Vasiliki Evdoridou Spiders' webs in the punctured plane
6.05.2019 Paweł Góra 1. Absolutely Continuous Invariant measures for non-autonomous dynamical systems
2. Rings of Saturn
29.04.2019 Welington da Silva Cordeiro The L-shadowing property
15.04.2019 Polina Vytnova Illusions - curves of zeros of Selberg zeta functions
1.04.2019 Ludwik Jaksztas On the continuity of the Hausdorff dimension of the Julia-Lavaurs sets
25.03.2019 Artem Dudko On computational complexity of Cremer Julia sets
18.03.2019 Michał Rams The structure of the simplex of invariant measures for some step one skew products on the interval
4.03.2019 Tomasz Downarowicz Symbolic extensions of actions of countable amenable groups
Artem Dudko On Lebesgue measure of the Feigenbaum Julia set
25.02.2019 Katrin Gelfert Hyperbolic and nonhyperbolic behavior of a geodesic flow of a rank 1 Riemannian surface
18.02.2019 Lorenzo Diaz About the space of ergodic measures in partially hyperbolic systems
28.01.2019 Welington da Silva Codeiro Beyond topological hyperbolicity
21.01.2019 Michał Wojciechowski On the trace of Sobolev spaces on the Von Koch's snowflake
14.01.2019 Xavier Jarque Fatou components of meromorphic maps and singularities
7.01.2019 David Marti-Pete Wandering domains for entire functions of finite order in the class B
17.12.2018 Zhengxing Lian Nilcycles and strictly ergodic distal topological models for ergodic measurable distal measure-preserving systems-2
10.12.2018 Igors Gorbovickis Critical points of the multiplier map
3.12.2018 Pierre Berger Emergence of non-ergodic dynamics
26.11.2018 Yonatan Gutman Nilcycles and strictly ergodic distal topological models for ergodic measurable distal measure-preserving systems
19.11.2018 Bingbing Liang Entropy on modules over the group ring of a sofic group
5.11.2018 Tomasz Szarek Random iterations of homeomorphisms on the interval and circle
29.10.2018 Adam Abrams Cross-sections for geodesic flow on compact surfaces of constant negative curvature
22.10.2018 Artem Dudko On Hausdorff dimension of the Feigenbaum Julia set
8.10.2018 Dominik Kwietniak On entropy of nonuniformly hyperbolic measures
1.10.2018 Ludwik Jaksztas On the derivative of the Hausdorff dimension of the quadratic Julia sets

Rok akademicki 2017/2018

24.09.2018 Sebastian van Strien What do conjugacy classes look like in one-dimensional dynamics?
17.09.2018 Welington Cordeiro Positively N-expansive maps
3.09.2018 Henk Bruin The pressure function for infinite equilibrium measures
16.07.2018 Constantine Medynets On Algebraic Properties of Full Groups
25.06.2018 Genadi Levin Limit drift
18.06.2018 Welington Cordeiro Homoclinic classes of C¹-generic diffeomorphisms
4.06.2018 Tatjana Eisner Weighted ergodic theorems
28.05.2018 Mariusz Lemańczyk On Sarnak's conjecture on Möbius disjointness - uniform convergence and entropy
21.05.2018 Ruxi Shi Fuglede's conjecture on the field of p-adic numbers and p-homogeneity
14.05.2018 Todor Tsankov Rigidity for strongly ergodic, distal actions via model theory
7.05.2018 Łukasz Pawelec Non-autonomous exponential dynamics: topology and dimension
23.04.2018 Jacek Miękisz From Hilbert to Shechtman - a brief history of quasicrystals - the interplay between ergodic theory, tilings, dynamical systems, and hamiltionians in statistical mechanics
16.04.2018 Artem Dudko On summability of the asymptotic curve for 2-dimensional holomorphic maps with a semi-parabolic fixed point
9.04.2018 Adam Śpiewak Metric mean dimension and almost lossless analog compression (2)
26.03.2018 Yonatan Gutman Metric mean dimension and almost lossless analog compression
19.03.2018 Yongle Jiang Two results on cocycle superrigidity problem for algebraic actions
12.03.2018 Zhengxing Lian Topological models for ergodic systems
5.03.2018 Jonatan Gutman Mean dimension and an embedding theorem for real flows
26.02.2018 Artem Dudko On IRS's and characters of two classes of groups
19.02.2018 Katrin Gelfert Exceptional sets for nonuniformly hyperbolic maps
12.02.2018 Welington Cordeiro Generalizations of expansivity
5.02.2018 Lorenzo Diaz A criterion for zero averages and full support of ergodic measures and applications
29.01.2018 Poj Lertchoosakul An application of the ψ-mixing property to the quantitative metric theory of continued fractions
22.01.2018 Michał Rams Dimension of the repeller for a piecewise expanding affine map
15.01.2018 Piotr Oprocha Mixing properties in expanding Lorenz maps
8.01.2018 Michał Rams Lyapunov spectrum for affine iterated function systems on the plane
18.12.2017 Vasiliki Evdoridou On some results presented in the recent Workshop on Complex Dynamics in Kyoto
11.12.2017 Feliks Przytycki On thermodynamic formalism in one-dimensional dynamics
4.12.2017 Olena Karpel Exact number of ergodic measures for Bratteli diagrams
27.11.2017 Yonatan Gutman Optimal embedding of Zk-minimal systems
20.11.2017 Samuel Roth Constant Slope Models and Perturbation
13.11.2017 Artem Dudko On the Julia set of the Feigenbaum quadratic polynomial
6.11.2017 Grzegorz Świątek On Feigenbaum polynomials of high degree
30.10.2017 Artem Dudko Impressions from the conference in memory of Tan Lei Complex dynamics and quasi-conformal geometry, 23-25 octobre 2017, Université d'Angers
23.10.2017 Lei Jin Topological predictability and zero entropy for actions of nilpotent groups
16.10.2017 Yixiao Qiao A counterexample related to a Host-Kra-Maass' problem
9.10.2017 Henna Koivusalo Repetitivity in cut and project sets
2.10.2017 Reza Mohammadpour Zero Lyapunov Exponents

Rok akademicki 2016/2017

25.09.2017 Michał Rams On multifractal Lagrange spectrum
18.09.2017 Artem Dudko Wild attractors for Henon-like maps
10.08.2017 Neil Dobbs Diabolical entropy
Henk Bruin Return time statistics with varying limits
Artem Dudko On computational complexity of Julia sets of rational maps
05.06.2017 Cezary Olszowiec Convergence to the Nash equilibrium for the Best Response Dynamics in the non-zero sum bimatrix games
Karen Strung What C*-algebraic invariants can be obtained from minimal dynamical systems?
29.05.2017 Piotr Gałązka Misiurewicz parameters in the tangent family
22.05.2017 Piotr Oprocha On minimal systems and inverse limits
15.05.2017 Michał Rams Lyapunov spectrum for matrix cocycles
8.05.2017 Vasiliki Evdoridou Non-escaping endpoints of disjoint-type functions
24.04.2017 Krzysztof Krupiński On topological dynamics in model theory
10.04.2017 Mariusz Lemańczyk Möbius disjointness for models of an ergodic system and beyond
3.04.2017 Ludwik Jaksztas On the derivative of Hausdorff dimension of Julia sets at λ=1 for the quadratic family z↦λz+z2
27.03.2017 Bogusława Karpińska Fatou components and singular values for meromorphic functions
20.03.2017 Bingbing Liang Dynamical correspondences of L²-Betti numbers
13.03.2017 Yonatan Gutman An improvement of the Bebutov-Kakutani's dynamical embedding theorem
6.03.2017 Michał Rams On Birkhoff spectrum for maps of interval
27.02.2017 Damian Sawicki Large scale geometry of group actions
20.02.2017 Tomasz Dłotko Global attractors and their properties
23.01.2017 Artur Siemaszko Discrete and locally compact Cantor orbits in topologically transitive cylinder transformations
16.01.2017 Henna Koivusalo Dimension of self-affine sets for fixed translation vectors
Etienne Le Masson Quantum ergodicity and Benjamini-Schramm convergence of hyperbolic surfaces
9.01.2017 Jakub Konieczny Automatic sequences, generalised polynomials, and nilmanifolds
19.12.2016 Krzysztof Barański Conformal measures for meromorphic maps
12.12.2016 Anton Solomko On rank and isomorphism problem for von Neumann special flows
5.12.2016 Filip Strobin On a certain generalization of the iterated function systems
28.11.2016 Olena Karpel Decisive Bratteli-Vershik models
21.11.2016 Pierre Guillon Uncomputability of Word Problem in SFT Automorphism Groups
14.11.2016 Grzegorz Świątek Numerical Results in the Problem of Strange Attractor
7.11.2016 Piotr Oprocha On completely scrambled systems
24.10.2016 Yixiao Qiao The embedding problem in topological dynamics and Takens' theorem for Zk-actions
17.10.2016 Tomasz Downarowicz Positive entropy systems uncorrelated to the Möbius function
10.10.2016 Ryszard Rudnicki Piecewise deterministic Markov processes - asymptotic behavior and applications
3.10.2016 Lei Jin An explicit compact universal space for real flows

Rok akademicki 2015/2016

18.07.2016 Katrin Gelfert, Lorenzo J. Díaz Dimensions and critical regularity of hyperbolic graphs
27.06.2016 William Mance Normality of different orders for the Cantor series expansions
20.06.2016 Michał Misiurewicz Entropy locking
13.06.2016 Davide Azevedo Statistical properties for systems with weak invariant manifolds
6.06.2016 Marco Lopez Shrinking Targets and Non-Autonomous systems
30.05.2016 Sebastián Donoso Topological structures and the pointwise convergence of some averages for commuting transformations
24.05.2016 Alex Eremenko Critical points of Green's function on a torus
16.05.2016 Karen R. Strung From dynamics to operator algebras - Smales spaces and their C*-algebras
11.05.2016 Yonatan Gutman Higher order regionally proximal equivalence relations for general group actions
9.05.2016 Agnieszka Zelerowicz Thermodynamics of some non-uniformly hyperbolic attractors
9.05.2016 Dylan Airey Some complexity results on sets related to normal numbers
25.04.2016 Liviana Palmisano Foliations of Rigidity Classes
18.04.2016 Mariusz Urbański Random Countable Alphabet Conformal Iterated Function Systems with the Transversality Condition
11.04.2016 Adam Śpiewak Topological version of the Wiener-Wintner theorem
4.04.2016 Livio Flaminio Nil-sequences, multiplicative functions and asymptotic orthogonal powers
21.03.2016 Bogusława Karpińska Escaping points in the boundaries of Baker domains
14.03.2016 Tomasz Downarowicz Minicourse: Zero-dimensional Dynamics - Opening lecture
7.03.2016 Michał Rams Some results on self-affine fractals
29.02.2016 Yixiao Qiao Zero sequence entropy and entropy dimension
22.02.2016 Marco Martens Lorenz Renormalization
15.02.2016 Liviana Palmisano Ergodic properties of bimodal circle endomorphisms
1.02.2016 Lei Jin Mean proximality and mean Li-Yorke chaos
25.01.2016 Luca Marchese Diophantine approximations on a translation surface
18.01.2016 Mariusz Lemańczyk Automorphisms with quasi-discrete spectrum, multiplicative functions and average orthogonality along short intervals
11.01.2016 Martha Łącka Generic Points and the Besicovitch Pseudometric
19.10.2015 Tomasz Downarowicz How to kill periodic points without producing extra entropy
6.10.2015 Balázs Bárány Non-linear projections and distance set for self-similar sets in R³
5.10.2015 Tomas Persson Bernoulli Convolutions and 1D Dynamics
28.09.2015 Michał Rams Ergodic approximation in partially hyperbolic one step skew-products
23.09.2015 Fabrizio Bianchi A Siegel disk in a Julia set
7.09.2015 Antti Käenmäki Self-affine sets with fibered tangents
4.09.2015 Davoud Cheraghi The hyperbolicity of the near parabolic renormalisation operator

Rok akademicki 2014/2015

1.06.2015 Mariusz Urbański Diophantine extremality and dynamically defined measures
25.05.2015 Karen Strung Minimal homeomorphisms on point-like spaces and a dynamical presentation of the Jiang-Su algebra
18.05.2015 Przemysław Berk Disjointness of special flows over interval exchange transformations
11.05.2015 Mariusz Lemańczyk Sarnak's conjecture for uniquely ergodic models of irrational rotations
4.05.2015 Krzysztof Frączek Translation flows on translation surfaces
27.04.2015 Michał Rams Inhomogeneous Diophantine approximations with general error functions
20.04.2015 Piotr Nowak Constructing metric spaces out of group actions
13.04.2015 Yonatan Gutman Structure theorems for Host-Kra factors - Introduction
30.03.2015 Sylvain Crovisier Finiteness of partially hyperbolic attractors
23.03.2015 Balázs Bárány Ledrappier-Young formula for self-affine measures
16.03.2015 Feliks Przytycki Geometric pressure in dimension one, via spanning sets
9.03.2015 Gabor Szabo The Rokhlin dimension of topological Zm-actions
2.03.2015 Mehrdad Kalantar Operator-theoretic characterization of proximal flows of discrete groups
23.02.2015 Lorenzo J. Diaz Robust criterion for the existence of nonhyperbolic ergodic measures
16.02.2015 Genadi Levin The Lyapunov exponent of holomorphic maps
9.02.2015 Katrin Gelfert Convex sums of hyperbolic measures
26.01.2015 Maciej P. Wojtkowski Integrability of dynamical systems with homogeneous configuration spaces
19.01.2015 Nuria Fagella Accesses to infinity from Fatou components
12.01.2015 Yonatan Gutman On the Host-Kra construction of characteristic factors
15.12.2014 Ludwik Jaksztas Behaviour of the Hausdorff dimension of the Julia sets near parabolic parameters
8.12.2014 Grzegorz Świątek Fine Structure of the Connectedness Locus for Uni-Critical Polynomials, joint work with Jacek Graczyk
1.12.2014 Liviana Palmisano Quasisymmetric conjugation of circle maps with a flat interval
24.11.2014 Bogusława Karpińska Accesses to infinity from Fatou components
17.11.2014 Poj Lertchoosakul Applications of subsequence ergodic theory to metric number theory in non-Archimedean settings
27.10.2014 Tomasz Downarowicz Correlation with strictly ergodic measures
20.10.2014 Joanna Kułaga-Przymus Invariant measures for B-free systems
13.10.2014 Michał Misiurewicz Loops of transitive interval maps
6.10.2014 Julia Romanowska On the dimension of the graph of the classical Weierstrass function
Andrzej Żuk Spectra of Automata
29.09.2014 Samuel Roth No Semiconjugacy to a Map of Constant Slope
22.09.2014 Michał Rams Some topics in metric number theory

Rok akademicki 2013/2014

23.06.2014 Katrin Gelfert Pressure of the geometric potential for a class of geodesic flows
16.06.2014 Poj Lertchoosakul Unique ergodicity and asymptotic distribution of the a-adic numbers
9.06.2014 Asli Deniz Holomorphic Explosion and its first applications to dynamics
26.05.2014 Asli Deniz A Landing Theorem for Periodic Dynamic Rays for Transcendental Entire Maps with Bounded Post-Singular Set
19.05.2014 Kurt Vinhage Smooth Rigidity for Higher Rank Actions
5.05.2014 Juan Rivera-Letelier A tale of the Polish hypothesis: sup phi < P(phi)
28.04.2014 Piotr Oprocha On dynamics of homeomorphisms on hereditarily indecomposable continua
14.04.2014 Mariusz Lemańczyk Intrinsic ergodicity of B-free systems
7.04.2014 Tomasz Downarowicz Actions of menable groups; dynamical tilings, entropy structure, symbolic extensions
31.03.2014 Janina Kotus Upper estimate of the Hausdorff dimension of escaping paramaters in families of elliptic functions
24.03.2014 Ludwik Jaksztas Parabolic renormalizations for holomorphic maps. Introduction (according Inoui, Shishikura). Continuation
17.03.2014 Tomasz Szarek On some family of Markov operators
10.03.2014 Justyna Signerska Curlicues generated by circle maps
3.03.2014 Piotr Gałązka Escaping points and escaping parameters for elliptic functions
24.02.2014 Adam Skalski Endomorphisms of Cuntz algebras - a meeting point between noncommutative dynamical systems and classical symbolic dynamics
17.02.2014 Liviana Palmisano On circle endomorphisms with a flat interval and Cherry flows
20.01.2014 Nuria Fagella Newton's method and absorbing regions
Xavier Jarque Existence of wandering domains for transcendental entire functions. The example of C. Bishop for maps in class B and further results
13.01.2014 Ludwik Jaksztas Parabolic renormalizations for holomorphic maps. Introduction (according Inoui, Shishikura)
16.12.2013 Bogusława Karpińska Absorbing domains for holomorphic maps
9.12.2013 Janina Kotus A metric entropy for elliptic functions of finite type
25.11.2013 Grzegorz Świątek Dynamics of the Belief Propagation Algorithm
18.11.2013 Feliks Przytycki On the Lyapunov spectrum in 1-dimensional dynamics
4.11.2013 Yonatan Gutman Nilspaces and Structure Theorems for Topological Dynamical Systems
28.10.2013 Anna Zdunik Hausdorff measure for conformal dynamical systems
21.10.2013 Poj Lertchoosakul On the metric theory of continued fractions in positive characteristic
14.10.2013 Joanna Kułaga-Przymus The Möbius function and continuous extensions of rotations
7.10.2013 Michał Rams Entropy of Lyapunov-optimizing measures of some matrix cocycles (joint work with Jairo Bochi)

Rok akademicki 2012/2013

1.07.2013 Omri Sarig Random walks driven by irrational rotations
Karoly Simon Almost self-affine sets and measures
20.05.2013 Michał Misiurewicz Topology of spaces of transitive interval maps
13.05.2013 Eugene Gutkin The outer billiard and other stories
6.05.2013 Lingmin Liao Some polynomial and rational dynamical systems in the field Qp of p-adic numbers
29.04.2013 Jean-Paul Thouvenot A structure theorem for a class of positive entropy measure preserving transformations
22.04.2013 Yonatan Gutman Nilspaces and nilmanifolds
15.04.2013 Julia Romanowska Petri Nets
8.04.2013 Mariusz Lemańczyk Rozłączność układów dynamicznych, funkcja Möbiusa i hipoteza Sarnaka
25.03.2013 Adam Kanigowski Ratner's property for special flows over irrational rotations under functions of bounded variation
18.03.2013 Dominik Kwietniak Generalized specification properties and their consequences
11.03.2013 Marcin Sabok Extreme amenability of abelian groups
4.03.2013 Balázs Bárány Multifractal spectrum of fibres through the Sierpiński gasket
25.02.2013 Michał Rams Multiplying matrices
18.02.2013 Adam Skalski Characterising certain geometric properties of a locally compact group G via `typical' representations/actions of G
21.01.2013 Marcin Bobieński About some open problems in continuous and discrete dynamical systems
14.01.2013 Anna Zdunik 1. Continuity of Hausdorff measure for conformal dynamical systems
2. Remarks on monotonicity of entropy in quadratic family
7.01.2013 Yonatan Gutman A Sharp Embedding Theorem for Systems with Finite-Dimensional Non-Wandering Sets
3.01.2013 Neil Dobbs Perturbing Misiurewicz parameters in the exponential family
17.12.2012 Bogusława Karpińska Indecomposable continua in the dynamics of exponential maps
10.12.2012 Piotr Oprocha Shadowing and recurrence
3.12.2012 Athanasios Batakis Random dynamics in physical models: 1. Intermittent transport, 2. City growth
26.11.2012 Feliks Przytycki Multimodal maps of interval - c.d.
19.11.2012 Eugene Gutkin Blocking of connecting curves for Riemannian manifolds and homogeneous spaces
12.11.2012 Feliks Przytycki Multimodal maps of interval
5.11.2012 Piotr Gałązka Hausdorff dimension of the set of escaping parameters for certain elliptic functions
29.10.2012 Michał Rams Inhomogeneous Diophantine approximation with general error functions
22.10.2012 Michał Rams Two calculations of Hausdorff dimension
15.10.2012 Balázs Bárány Iterated Function Systems with place-dependent probabilities
08.10.2012 Michał Misiurewicz Semiconjugacy to a map of a constant slope

Rok akademicki 2011/2012

24.05.2012 Jayadev Athreya Gap distributions and homogeneous dynamics
14.05.2012 Marta Kosek Dynamical analytic multifunctions
7.05.2012 Yonatan Gutman Topological Dynamical Embedding and Jaworski-type Theorems
16.04.2012 Adam Bobrowski On differences of dynamics of solutions of abstract Cauchy equations of first and second degree
2.04.2012 Andrzej Biś O odpowiedniku zasady wariacyjnej dla działania grup (An analogue of the variational principle for group actions)
29.03.2012 Thomas Jordan Discontinuities in the multifractal spectra for non-uniformly hyperbolic maps
26.03.2012 Pablo Shmerkin Continuity of subadditive pressure
19.03.2012 Światosław Gal Growth of discontinuity of interval exchange transformations
12.03.2012 Michał Rams Systems with holes (Systemy z dziurami)
05.03.2012 Justyna Signerska Firing map for periodically and almost-periodically driven integrate-and-fire models: a dynamical systems approach
27.02.2012 Michał Szostakiewicz Fine inducing in several variables complex dynamics
20.02.2012 Jon Aaronson Distributional limits in infinite ergodic theory
23.01.2012 Piotr Oprocha On some open questions on recurrence and disjointness
16.01.2012 Krzysztof Frączek Ergodic properties of infinite measure-preserving extensions of area-preserving flows
9.01.2012 Yonatan Gutman The structure of cubespaces attached to a minimal distal dynamical systems
19.12.2011 Genadi Levin Perturbations of weakly expanding critical orbits
12.12.2011 Michał Rams Sections of fractal percolations
5.12.2011 Bogusława Karpińska Baker domains and weakly repelling fixed points for meromorphic maps
28.11.2011 Ludwik Jaksztas On the derivative of the Hausdorff dimension of of Julia set of the family of polynomials z²+c at c=-3/4, from the left
21.11.2011 Andrew Ferguson Dimension of the projections and slices of dynamically defined sets
14.11.2011 Tomasz Szarek The law of the iterated logarithm for some Markov processes
24.10.2011 Adam Skalski On a certain question of Ornstein and Weiss and entropy for actions of sofic groups (after Lewis Bowen)
17.10.2011 Michał Rams Multifractal spectra for piecewise monotone maps of interval
10.10.2011 Feliks Przytycki On geometric pressure for multimodal maps of interval
03.10.2011 Michał Rams Dimension spectrum for a nonconventional ergodic average - following Yuval Peresa and Boris Solomyak

Rok akademicki 2010/2011

30.05.2011 Yonatan Gutman Minimal hyperspace actions of homeomorphism groups of h-homogeneous spaces
23.05.2011 Krzysztof Barański On the dimension of graphs for some class of Weierstrass-type functions
16.05.2011 Michał Misiurewicz Entropy of hypercubes
11.04.2011 Feliks Przytycki On geometric pressure for maps of interval
04.04.2011 Ludwik Jaksztas Parabolic implosion and properties of Julia-Lavaurs sets
28.03.2011 Adam Skalski On the relation between classical and noncommutative topological entropy
21.03.2011 Michał Rams Rich porcupines
14.03.2011 Eugene Gutkin What do billiard rotation numbers tell us?
7.03.2011 Maciej Wojtkowski Mixing in 2 and 3 dimension
28.02.2011 Piotr Oprocha On weak mixing, disjointness and multiple disjointness
21.02.2011 Marcin Bobieński On the reduction of the degree of linear differential operators
24.01.2011 Paweł Wilczyński Distributional chaos in planar polynomial equations
17.01.2011 Michał Rams Birkhoff-type spectra for infinite iterated function systems. Joint work with Fan, Jordan and Liao
10.01.2011 Feliks Przytycki On structural stability of endomorphisms
Plans for the future
20.12.2010 Paweł Walczak Distality and entropy
6.12.2010 Liviana Palmisano Dimension of the non-wandering sets of circle maps with a flat interval
29.11.2010 Shrihari Sridharan Holes in the Julia set
22.11.2010 Michał Rams Points with increasing continuous fractions expansions
3.11.2010 Mariusz Urbański Graph Directed Markov Systems, Real Analyticity, and Nice Sets in Transcendental Dynamics
25.10.2010 Balázs Bárány Dimension of the generalized 4-corner set
18.10.2010 Jörg Schmeling Nonuniform hyperbolicity everywhere implies uniform hyperbolicity

Rok akademicki 2009/2010

2.08.2010 Lorenzo J. Díaz Transitive Porcupines
14.06.2010 Yosef Yomdin Bernstein Inequality and Growth of Intersection Numbers in Analytic Dynamics
7.06.2010 Michał Misiurewicz Sensitive dependence on parameters
10.05.2010 Radosław Wieczorek A model of semelparous species
26.04.2010 Henry Reeve Multifractal Analysis for Birkhoff Averages on a class of Non-Conformal Repellers
19.04.2010 Krzysztof Barański Brushing hairs for entire maps
12.04.2010 Bogusia Karpińska Hausdorff dimension of the Julia set of regularly growing entire function
29.03.2010 Andrzej Żuk L² Betti numbers
22.03.2010 Tadeusz Januszkiewicz Non-positively curved developments of billiards
15.03.2010 Maciej Wojtkowski Counting Berg partitions
8.03.2010 David Färm Non-typical points for β-shifts
1.03.2010 Krzysztof Frączek On quasi-similarity of Koopman operators
22.02.2010 Anna Zdunik Thermodynamic formalism for a class of transcendental maps
22.02.2010 Houcein el Abdalaoui On the spectrum of stochastic perturbations of the shift and Julia sets
11.01.2010 Tomas Persson Dimension spectra in multifractal analysis
4.01.2010 Michał Misiurewicz Rectangular braids
14.12.2009 Jean-Paul Thouvenot On the norm convergence of nonconventional ergodic averages
7.12.2009 Michał Rams Visible points for fractal percolation
30.11.2009 Ewa Kozłowska-Walania Symmetries of compact Riemann surfaces
23.11.2009 Jan Jakub Szczyrek Bounded distortion properties of nonconformal maps on the plane
16.11.2009 Eugene Gutkin Recurrence for polygonal Lorentz gas
9.11.2009 Maciej Wojtkowski Prosty dowód twierdzenia o module w geometrii pseudoeuklidesowej
2.11.2009 Tomas Persson Intersections of subsets of fractals
19.10.2009 Joanna Janczewska O pewnej metodzie aproksymacyjnej szukania rozwiązań prawie homoklinicznych układów hamiltonowskich
(An approximative method of finding almost homoclinic solutions for Hamiltonian systems)
12.10.2009 Michał Rams On some properties of local dimension multifractal decomposition for a Bernoulli measure on McMullen carpet
5.10.2009 Tomas Persson Dimension of piecewise hyperbolic attractors with overlaps

Rok akademicki 2008/2009

09.09.2009 Thomas Jordan The Hausdorff dimension of the projection of self-affine carpets
25.05.2009 Paweł Góra Absolutnie ciągłe miary niezmiennicze dla kawałkami liniowych przekształceń odcinka i inne problemy
11.05.2009 Michał Rams Complexity of billiards in higher dimension
04.05.2009 Michał Rams On the multifractal spectrum of McMullen carpets
27.04.2009 Janina Kotus On the Hausdorff dimension of the escaping set of certain meromorphic functions
20.04.2009 Tomasz Szarek Ergodicity of Markov processes
30.03.2009 Andrzej Żuk Spektra operatorów i całkowalne układy dynamiczne
23.03.2009 Krzysztof Barański Dimension properties of transcendental maps
16.03.2009 Grzegorz Graff Discrete counterpart of Poincaré-Bendixson index theorem
09.03.2009 Tomas Persson Classes of sets with intersection of large Hausdorff dimension
02.03.2009 Paweł Walczak Distality in foliation theory
23.02.2009 Christophe Dupont A lower bound for the dimension of invariant measures of endomorphisms of CP²
19.01.2009 Tomas Persson Bernoulli convolutions and piecewise hyperbolic random dynamical systems
12.01.2009 Piotr Przytycki End invariants determine hyperbolic 3-manifolds, after Y. Minsky
05.01.2009 Feliks Przytycki Inducing, analyticity of pressure for rational maps
15.12.2008 Michał Rams Projections of percolations
08.12.2008 Jan Jakub Szczyrek Some dimension estimates for repellers of nonconormal expanding maps in the plane
01.12.2008 Ludwik Jaksztas Derivative of Hausdorff dimension of Julia set for z→z²+c for c real from the left and from the right of c=3/4
24.11.2008 Dominik Kwietniak, Piotr Oprocha Topological entropy and specification property for mixing graph maps
17.11.2008 Anna Zdunik Multiplicity of holomorphic maps
03.11.2008 Ewa Ligocka Holomorphic Dynamics and Astrophysics
27.10.2008 Michał Misiurewicz Real saddle-node from a complex viewpoint
20.10.2008 Neil Dobbs Hyperbolic Dimension for Interval Maps
13.10.2008 Galina Filipuk Fuchsian systems - middle convolution and deformation
06.10.2008 Yuri Lyubich Dynamical systems arising in the population genetics

Rok akademicki 2007/2008

01.09.2008 Maciej Wojtkowski Generalizations of Cerbelli-Giona maps
16.06.2008 Károly Simon Visibility for self-similar sets of dimension one in the plane
02.06.2008 Neil Dobbs Some ergodic properties of simple meromorphic maps
26.05.2008 Károly Simon A natural two dimensional analogue of the tent map family
12.05.2008 Bogusława Karpińska Hausdorff dimension of the Julia set and growth rate of entire functions
05.05.2008 Magnus Aspenberg Mating non-renormalizable quadratic polynomials
28.04.2008 Arek Goetz Techniques in the dynamics of piecewise isometries - Renormalization and Globalization
21.04.2008 Genadi Levin Geometry of the Mandelbrot and Julia sets at some parameters
14.04.2008 Nikolai Haydn The Central Limit Theorem for uniformly strong mixing measures
07.04.2008 Feliks Przytycki On the analyticity of pressure for rational maps
31.03.2008 Magnus Aspenberg Collet-Eckmann maps and Misiurewicz maps
17.03.2008 Grzegorz Graff, Jerzy Jezierski On the growth of the number of periodic points for smooth self maps of a compact manifold
10.03.2008 Walter Bergweiler Newton's method and Baker domains
03.03.2008 Gwyneth Stallard Escaping points of meromorphic functions
25.02.2008 Tomasz Szarek Markov operators with a unique invariant measure
21.01.2008 Michał Rams Dimensions of projections and related topics
14.01.2008 Eugene Gutkin Complexities for billiards
07.01.2008 Neil Dobbs On non-existence of absolutely continuous invariant probability measures in real and holomorphic dynamics
17.12.2007 Krzysztof Frączek Growth and mixing
10.12.2007 Agnieszka Badeńska Real analyticity of Jacobian of invariant measures and its applications
26.11.2007 Katrin Gelfert On the existence and construction of equilibrium states
19.11.2007 Grzegorz Łukaszewicz Attractors, time-averaged measures and statistical solutions for 2D nonautonomous Navier-Stokes equations
12.11.2007 Lasse Rempe Mane's theorem and absence of invariant line fields for certain meromorphic functions (joint with Sebastian van Strien)
05.11.2007 Mike Todd Return time statistics for interval maps
29.10.2007 Irene Inoquio Thermodynamic formalism for transcendental maps, symbolic dynamic outlook
22.10.2007 Neil Dobbs Phase transitions in unimodal dynamics
15.10.2007 Grzegorz Świątek On the Julia set of limit Feigenbaum map (joint with G. Levin)
09.10.2007 Juan Rivera-Letelier Minimal postcritical sets with a prescribed number of ergodic and invariant probability measures
08.10.2007 Eli Glasner On Universal Minimal Dynamical System

Rok akademicki 2006/2007

18.09.2007Sesja problemowa
04.06.2007 Janina Kotus Geometric rigidity of transcendental meromorphic functions
28.05.2007 Carlos Cabrera Horosphere foliation for laminations associated to rational maps
21.05.2007 Katrin Gelfert The distribution of periodic orbits
07.05.2007 Michał Rams Large deviation multifractal analysis of a class of Levy-like random processes
23.04.2007 Carlos Cabrera Examples of Feigenbaum Julia sets with small Hausdorff dimension (wg Avili i Lyubicha)
16.04.2007 Bronisław Wajnryb Sharkovskii type order for homeomorphisms of 2-torus
02.04.2007 Rogelio Valdez Self-similarity of the Mandelbrot set
19.03.2007 Katrin Gelfert Equality of pressures for diffeomorphisms with hyperbolic measures
12.03.2007 Tomoki Kawahira Topology of the Lyubich-Minsky laminations associated with hyperbolic and parabolic quadratic maps
19.02.2007 Genadi Levin Multipliers of periodic orbits of quadratic polynomials
22.01.2007 Tomasz Sobieszek Ergodic ideas in the proof of the Green-Tao theorem (acc. to Bryna Kra)
15.01.2007 Krzysztof Frączek Przekładania odcinków - c.d.
08.01.2007 Ryszard Rudnicki Chaos for some infinite-dimensional dynamical systems
18.12.2006 Krzysztof Frączek Przekładania odcinków - c.d.
11.12.2006 Tomasz Szarek Lower bound technique
04.12.2006 Carlos Cabrera Hausdorff dimension of Feigenbaum Julia sets (wg Avili i Lyubicha)
27.11.2006 Agnieszka Badeńska Thermodynamical formalism and multifractal analysis for meromorphic functions of finite order
20.11.2006 Krzysztof Frączek Przekładania odcinków - wstęp
13.11.2006 Slava Kulagin Cocycles in topological and generic dynamics
06.11.2006 Carlos Cabrera Hausdorff dimension and conformal measures of Feigenbaum Julia sets (following Avila and Lyubich), introduction
30.10.2006 Carlos Cabrera Inverse limits of quadratic polynomials acting on the sphere
23.10.2006 Krzysztof Frączek Problem Rohlina
16.10.2006 Katrin Gelfert Equivalent definition of pressure for nonuniformly hyperbolic systems
09.10.2006 Maxim Arnold On 2-dimensional Navier-Stokes equation

Rok akademicki 2005/2006

05.06.2006 Eugene Gutkin Geometry and dynamics of security
22.05.2006 Krzysztof Barański Zbiory Julii dodatniej miary (wg Douady'ego et al. – z konferencji w Cergy-Pontoise)
21.03.2006 Michał Rams On the size of the algebraic difference of two random Cantor sets (wg pracy Dekkinga i K. Simona)
14.03.2006 Michał Rams Własności rzutowe wymiaru Dq
20.02.2006 Manfred Denker A relative variational principle
13.02.2006 Laura DeMarco Pluripotential theory and arithmetic
16.01.2006 Feliks Przytycki O wymiarze hiperbolicznym brzegu basenu przyciągania ścieku i quasi-repellerów
09.01.2006 Ludwik Jaksztas Nieskończone iteracyjne układy funkcyjne zależne od parametru
12.12.2005 Krzysztof Barański Graniczne własności sum wyrazów rozwinięcia w ułamki łańcuchowe
05.12.2005 Janina Kotus Probabilistyczne miary niezmiennicze dla funkcji meromorficznych przestępnych (II)
28.11.2005 Paweł Walczak Struktury Engela
21.11.2005 Janina Kotus Probabilistyczne miary niezmiennicze dla funkcji meromorficznych przestępnych
14.11.2005 Tomasz Szarek Miara niezmiennicza dla e-łańcuchów Markowa
07.11.2005 Michał Rams O układach iteracyjnych zwężających w średniej
24.10.2005 Feliks Przytycki O wymiernych topologicznych przekształceniach Colleta-Eckmanna
17.10.2005 Joanna Jaroszewska Oszacowanie górne wymiaru Hausdorffa miar niezmienniczych dla zwężających w średniej iterowanych układów funkcyjnych z ciągłymi prawdopodobieństwami
10.10.2005 Michał Rams Złożoność bilardów w wielokątach (praca wspólna z E. Gutkinem)
03.10.2005 Anna Zdunik Formalizm termodynamiczny dla funkcji meromorficznych skończonego rzędu (według V. Mayera i M. Urbańskiego)

Rok akademicki 2004/2005

26.09.2005 Danijela Damjanovic Rigidity of the Weyl chamber flow and restricted actions
05.09.2005 Danijela Damjanovic Rigidity phenomena of abelian actions and an application of the KAM method to partially hyperbolic actions on the torus
03.06.2005 Eugene Gutkin Complexity of billiards, in and out
23.05.2005 Juan Rivera-Letelier Wild Lorenz like attractors
25.04.2005 Feliks Przytycki O analityczności funkcji ciśnienia P(-t log f') dla holomorficznych przekształceń Colleta-Eckmanna
18.04.2005 Michał Rams O wymiarze wykresów funkcji (szeregu Rademacherów itp.)
11.04.2005 Ludwik Jaksztas Pochodna wymiaru Hausdorffa zbioru Julii względem parametru
21.03.2005 Paweł Walczak Globalne własności konforemne foliacji
14.03.2005 Marta Tyran-Kamińska Zasada niezmienniczości dla przekształceń z wielomianowym ubywaniem korelacji
Bartłomiej Skorulski Wieże i zbieżność renormalizacji (wg McMullena)
24.01.2005 Bartłomiej Skorulski Renormalizacje (wg książki McMullena)
17.01.2005 Feliks Przytycki Podzbiory hiperboliczne, słaba hiperboliczność na trajektoriach okresowych itp. dla iteracji funkcji wymiernych
10.01.2005 Leszek Sirko Badanie zjawisk chaosu za pomocą grafów i bilardów mikrofalowych
Michał Rams Homokliniczna styczność, przecięcia zbiorów Cantora (wg Moreiry i Yoccoza)
Bassam Fayad Periodic approximations in smooth ergodic theory
15.11.2004 Bartłomiej Skorulski Hiperboliczne funkcje wykładnicze, miary Gibbsa i nieograniczone spektrum multifraktalne
08.11.2004 Joanna Jaroszewska Operatory Markowa
25.10.2004 Michał Rams Miary maksymalnego wymiaru dla liniowych podków
18.10.2004 Bogusława Karpińska Jak punkty uciekają do nieskończoności pod działaniem lambda.exp ?
11.10.2004 Paweł Walczak Od generowania konforemnych niezmienników do zaburzonego układu dynamicznego
04.10.2004 Feliks Przytycki 1. Ustalenie programu
2. Informacje o ostatnich szkołach i konferencjach

Rok akademicki 2003/2004

03.09.2004 Juan Rivera-Letelier Equidistribution of small points and dynamics of rational maps
29.06.2004 Mariusz Urbański Diophantine Approximation and Self-Conformal Measures
  Grzegorz Świątek Wymiar Hausdorffa zbiorów Julii dla przekształceń Feigenbauma z mocno zdegenerowanym punktem krytycznym
18.06.2004 Jarek Kwapisz Geometric coincidence conjecture for tiling spaces of unimodular Pisot substitutions (Praca wspólna z Marcy Barge)
27.05.2004 Karoly Simon Hausdorff dimension estimate for some measures which are invariant under a contracting on average IFS (joint work with A. H. Fan and H. Toth)
24.05.2004 Hillyer Smith An Introduction to Combinatorial Dynamical Systems and a Survey of Some Recent Results
18.05.2004 Weixiao Shen On the shape of Yoccoz puzzle pieces (2)
11.05.2004 Weixiao Shen On the shape of Yoccoz puzzle pieces
04.05.2004 Eugen Mihailescu On the dynamics of holomorphic non-invertible maps in higher dimension (2)
27.04.2004 Eugen Mihailescu On the dynamics of holomorphic non-invertible maps in higher dimension
20.04.2004 Jan Jakub Szczyrek Dimension estimates in nonconformal hyperbolic dynamics
08.04.2004 Genadi Levin Complex basins of real attractors
30.03.2004 Godofredo Iommi On the density of Hausdorff dimensions of bounded type continued fraction sets - The Texan Conjecture, according to O. Jenkinson, the paper to appear in Stochastic and Dynamics
23.03.2004 Bartłomiej Skorulski On Thermodynamic Formalism of hyperbolic entire maps
16.03.2004 Ludwik Jaksztas Wymiar Hausdorffa zbioru Julii dla z2+1/4-0 wg pracy: Havard, Zinsmeister, Comm. Math. Phys. 210, 225-247 (2000)
09.03.2004 Krzysztof Barański O wymiarze Hausdorffa zbiorów granicznych dla pewnych konstrukcji geometrycznych na płaszczyźnie
01.03.2004 Feliks Przytycki O workshopie i konferencji w Kyoto w lutym 2004
23.02.2004 Jean-Marie Strelcyn Metoda Ljapunowa-Kowalewskiej selekcji przypadków całkowalnych układów równań różniczkowych zwyczajnych. Zastosowanie do równań Eulera-Poissona opisujących ruch ciała sztywnego w polu ciężkości. Klasyczne twierdzenie Hussona.
26.01.2004 Godofredo Iommi On thermodynamics of rational maps, t>0, wg Makarova i Smirnova
19.01.2004 Michał Rams Survey on solenoids and baker maps
06.01.2004 Bartłomiej Skorulski Metric properties of some meromorphic functions with an asymptotic value eventually mapped to a pole
15.12.2003 Godofredo Iommi Ergodic optimization
08.12.2003 Michał Rams Falconer's Theorem in the case of similarities (with applications for some graph-directed systems - based on papers of Simon and Solomyak and of Keane, Simon and Solomyak)
01.12.2003 Krzysztof Barański i Feliks Przytycki Zbiory Julii typowych wielomianów kwadratowych z dyskiem Siegela
24.11.2003 Bassam Fayad Elliptic Dynamics
17.11.2003 Krzysztof Barański Zbiory Julii typowych wielomianów kwadratowych z dyskiem Siegela
03.11.2003 Gavin Band Pseudo-Anosovs and their foliations
27.10.2003 Ludwik Jaksztas Ciągłość wymiaru Hausdorffa zbioru Julii dla parabolicznych bifurkacji (wg McMullena) - c.d.
20.10.2003 Feliks Przytycki O wymiarze Hausdorffa dla zbiorów postkrytycznych dla iteracji nieskończenie renormalizowalnych unimodalnych przekształceń odcinka z płaskim punktem krytycznym (wg G. Levin - F. Przytycki)
  Ludwik Jaksztas Ciągłość wymiaru Hausdorffa zbioru Julii dla parabolicznych bifurkacji (wg McMullena)
13.10.2003 Godofredo Iommi Multifractal analysis for countable Markov shifts
06.10.2003 Feliks Przytycki 1. Ustalenie programu
2. Informacje o ostatnich szkołach i konferencjach
3. O wymiarze Hausdorffa dla zbiorów postkrytycznych dla iteracji nieskończenie renormalizowalnych unimodalnych przekształceń odcinka z płaskim punktem krytycznym (wg G. Levin - F. Przytycki: Hausdorff dimension of postcritical sets for some unimodal infinitely renormalizable maps of interval with flat critical point)

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