11.07.2021 - 17.07.2021 | Będlewo & Online (hybrid)


Please find below the slides or/and links to videos of all the lectures.

Invited Lectures:

Anders Buch -  Powers of q in quantum products and Tevelev degrees - slidesvideo
Laura Escobar - Which Schubert varieties are Hessenberg varieties? - slidesvideo
Syu Kato - Quantum K-groups on flag manifolds - slidesvideo
Valentina Kiritchenko - Convex geometric push-pull operators - slidesvideo
Allen Knutson - What do puzzles really compute? - slidesvideo
Thomas Lam - Positroid varieties and Catalan numbers - slidesvideo
Leonardo Mihalcea - Motivic Chern classes of Schubert cells: properties and applications - slidesvideo
Leonardo Patimo - Charges via the Affine Grassmannian - slidesvideo
Nicolas Perrin - Minimal tangents of wondeful symmetric spaces - slides
Mark Shimozono - Grothendieck to Lascoux expansions. - slidesvideo
Julianna Tymoczko - Springer fibers and Schubert cells. - slidesvideo
Paul Zinn-Justin - Generic pipe dreams and conormal matrix Schubert varieties - presentationvideo


Contributed talks:

Sarjick Bakshi -  GIT quotients of Schubert varieties in the Grassmannian- slidesvideo
Haibao Duan - Schubert’s problem of Characteristics - slidesvideo
Sara Filippini - Finite free resolutions, root systems and Schubert varieties - slidesvideo
Letterio Gatto - Schubert Calculus on Grassmannians and Vertex Operators - slidesvideo
Daoji Huang - Schubert Products for Permutations with Separated Descents - slidesvideo
Jakub Koncki - Stable envelopes and motivic Chern classes for cotangent varieties - slidesvideo
Andras Lorincz - On the collapsing of homogeneous bundles in arbitrary characteristic - slidesvideo
Mateusz Michałek - Schubert calculus in algebraic statistics and matroid theory - slidesvideo
Colleen Robichaux - The ABCDs of Schubert calculus - slidesvideo
Evgeny Smirnov - Pipe dreams for Schubert polynomials of the classical groups - slidesvideo
Peter Spacek - Landau-Ginzburg models for the small quantum cohomology of cominuscule homogeneous spaces - slidesvideo
Jacinta Torres - Minuscule exceptional Schubert varieties - slidesvideo



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