25.06.2023 - 02.07.2023 | Będlewo

LOOPS'23 conference will belong to the LOOPS conferences, a series of conferences held every 4 years since 1999. The LOOPS conferences cover all aspects of nonassociative mathematics, including quasigroups, loops, Latin squares, Lie algebras, Jordan algebras, octonions, quandles and their applications. The conference intends not only to highlight new relevant results in algebra and geometry, but also to foster connections to combinatorics, group theory, knot theory, cryptography and physics. The previous LOOPS conferences have been held in Prague, in Trest, Czech Republic, Ohrid, North Macedonia, and Budapest, Hungary.

The main topics of the LOOPS’23 conference will be as follows:
• quasigroups and loops
• quantum Latin squares
• applications in cryptography
• automated deduction
• algebraic structures derived from the Yang-Baxter equation
• connections to low-dimensional topology

Conference is organized by:
• Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center, Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences
• Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, Warsaw University of Technology

The conference will consist of two parts:
1. The workshop - with series of lectures and seminars which are aimed at both active researchers and graduate students (two and half days)
2. The conference – with several major plenary lectures and a larger number of short contributed talks (three days), possibly in two parallel sessions

The list of main plenary speakers at the LOOPS’23 conference:
1. Dimitri Kanevsky, Research Scientist at Google, Mountain View, USA
Non-Associative Moufang Loops of Point Classes on Cubic Surfaces.
Abstract: Download HERE.

2. Michael Kinyon, University of Denver, USA
The Weak AIM Conjecture.
Abstract: Download HERE.

3. Paola Stefanelli, University of Salento, Italy
Quasi non-degenerate and quasi bijective set-theoretical solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation.
Abstract: Download HERE.

4. Jamie Vicary, University of Cambridge, UK
Quantum Latin squares and interacting quantum systems.
Abstract: Download HERE.

The list of speakers at the Workshop:
1. Ales Drapal, Charles University, Czech Republic and Ian Wanless, Monash University, Australia
Associative triples and quadratic orthomorphisms.

2. Gabor Nagy, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary and Petr Vojtechovsky, University of Denver, USA
Right Quasigroups: computing with one-sided quasigroups in GAP.

3. Józef Przytycki, The George Washington University, USA
A) Homology of Yang-Baxter operations I: From quandle homology to Yang Baxter homology.
B) Homology of Yang-Baxter Homology II: Y-B operator of HOMFLYPT polynomial.

4. Premysl Jedlicka, Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic, Agata Pilitowska and Anna Zamojska-Dzienio, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Biracks and their applications.

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