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  • 1
    Achinger Piotr, Lara Marcin, Youcis Alex
    Specialization for the pro-etale fundamental group
    Compositio Mathematica 158 (2022), 1713-1745
  • 2
    Adamowicz Tomasz (A. Kijowski, T. Soultanis)
    Asymptotically mean value harmonic functions in doubling metric measure spaces
    Analysis and Geometry in Metric Spaces 10(1) (2022), 344-372
  • 3
    Adamowicz Tomasz (K. Faessler)
    Hardy spaces and quasiconformal maps in the Heisenberg group
    Journal of Functional Analysis 284 (2023), 109832
  • 4
    Arnold Loris
    Behavior of Kreiss bounded C0-semigroups on a Hilbert space
    Advances in Operator Theory (2022), 1-6
  • 5
    Ayoush Rami i Wojciechowski Michał
    On dimension and regularity of vector-valued measures under Fourier analytic constraints
    Illinois Journal of Mathematics 66(3) (2022), 289-313
  • 6
    Baldelli Laura (S. Ciani, I.I. Skrypnik, V. Vespri)
    A note on the point-wise behaviour of bounded solutions for a non-standard elliptic operator
    Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series S (2022), 15 pp.
  • 7
    Bieganowski Bartosz
    On-line interval graphs coloring - modification of the First-Fit algorithm and its performance ratio
    Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications 14 (2022), 1-7
  • 8
    Bieganowski Bartosz (F. Bernini)
    Generalized linking-type theorem with applications to strongly indefinite problems with sign-changing nonlinearities
    Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 61 (2022), 1-23
  • 9
    Boritchev Maria (M. Amblard)
    A Multi-Party Dialogue Ressource in French
    Proceedings of the 13th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2022) (2022), 814–823
  • 10
    Buczyński Jarosław (J. A. Wiśniewski)
    Algebraic torus actions on contact manifolds with an appendix by Andrzej Weber)
    Journal of Differential Geometry 121(2) (2022), 227-289
  • 11
    Buczyński Jarosław i Michał Kapustka (G. Kapustka)
    Special lines on contact manifolds
    Annales de L’Institut Fourier (Grenoble) 72 (5) (2022), 1859-1909
  • 12
    Byczkowski Tomasz (J. Małecki, T. Żak)
    Ehrhard-type inequality for the isotropic Cauchy distribution on the plane
    Probability and Mathematical Statistics-Poland 42 (2022), 163 - 175
  • 13
    Cieślak Tomasz (B. Muha, M. Galić)
    A model in one-dimensional thermoelasticity
    Nonlinear Analysis 216 (2022), 112703-
  • 14
    Cieślak Tomasz i Ożański Wojciech
    A partial uniqueness result and an asymptotically sharp nonuniqueness result for the Zhikov problem on the torus.
    Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 61 (2022), no.97, pp.15
  • 15
    Deev Rodion (F. A. Bogomolov, M. Verbitsky)
    Sections of Lagrangian fibrations on holomorphically symplectic manifolds and degenerate twistorial deformations
    Advances in Mathematics 405 (2022), 108479
  • 16
    Dołęga Maciej (G. Chapuy)
    Non-orientable branched coverings, b-Hurwitz numbers, and positivity for multiparametric Jack expansions
    Advances in Mathematics 409 (2022), 1-72
  • 17
    Dołęga Maciej (J. Novak)
    Procesi's Conjecture on the Formanek-Weingarten Function is False
    Comptes Rendus Mathematique 360 (2022), 1169-1172
  • 18
    Dołęga Maciej (M. Leputre)
    Blossoming bijection for bipartite pointed maps and parametric rationality of general maps on any surface
    Advances in Applied Mathematics 141 (2022)
  • 19
    Dołęga Maciej (V. Bonzom, G. Chapuy)
    b-monotone Hurwitz numbers: Virasoro constraints, BKP hierarchy, and O(N)-BGW integral
    International Mathematics Research Notices 77 (2022)
  • 20
    Dołęga Maciej (V. Bonzom, G. Chapuy)
    Enumeration of non-oriented maps via integrability
    Algebraic Combinatorics 5 (2022), 1363-1390
  • 21
    Dołęga Maciej i Kowalski Maciej
    LLT cumulants and colorings of graphs
    Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 29(4) Paper 4.5 (2022)
  • 22
    Dłotko Paweł (J. F. Senge, A. H. Astaraee, S. Bagherifard, W. A. Bosbach)
    Extending Conventional Surface Roughness ISO Parameters using Topological Data Analysis for shot peened surfaces
    Scientific Reports 12 (2022)
  • 23
    Dłotko Paweł (R. Khalil, S. Kallel, A. Farhat)
    Topological Sholl descriptors for neuronal clustering and classification
    PLoS Computational Biology (2022)
  • 24
    Dłotko Paweł (R.U. Gobithaasan, Z. A. Hasan, K. D. Selvarajh, K.-S. Wong, S. Mamat, M. Z. M. Ali, K. T. Miura)
    Clustering Selected Terengganu’s Rainfall Stations Based on Persistent Homology
    Thai Journal of Mathematics (2022)
  • 25
    Eyral Christophe
    Homotopy theory on singular complex algebraic varieties
    IMPAN Lecture Notes ISBN 978-83-86806-54-6: 5 (2022), 216 pages
  • 26
    Eyral Christophe (M. Oka)
    Nondegenerate locally tame complete intersection varieties and geometry of nonisolated hypersurface singularities
    Journal of Algebraic Geometry 31 (2022), 561-591
  • 27
    Galuppi Francesco (A. Oneto)
    Secant non-defectivity via collisions of fat points
    Advances in Mathematics 409 (2022), 108657
  • 28
    Galuppi Francesco (R. Mulas, L. Venturello)
    Spectral theory of weighted hypergraphs via tensors
    Linear and Multilinear Algebra (2022)
  • 29
    Galuppi Francesco (V. Beorchia)
    Generic identifiability of pairs of ternary forms
    Collectanea Mathematica (2022)
  • 30
    Grabowski Janusz (K. Grabowska)
    A geometric approach to contact Hamiltonians and contact Hamilton–Jacobi theory
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 55 (2022), 435204 (34pp)
  • 31
    Grabowski Janusz (K. Grabowska, M. Kuś, G. Marmo)
    Lifting statistical structures
    Reviews in Mathematical Physics 33 (2022), 2250042 (51 pp)
  • 32
    Grabowski Janusz i Ravanpak Zohreh
    Nassociative analogs of Lie groupoids
    Differential Geometry and its Application 82 (2022), 101887 (32 pp)
  • 33
    Grabowski Janusz i Ravanpak Zohreh (K. Grabowska)
    VB-structures and generalizations
    Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry 62 (2022), 235-284
  • 34
    Gutman Jonatan (K. Barański, A. Śpiewak)
    On the Shroer-Sauer-Ott-Yorke predictability conjecture for time-delay embeddings
    Communications in Mathematical Physics 391(2) (2022), 609-641
  • 35
    Gutman Jonatan (Z. Lian)
    Strictly ergodic distal models and a new approach to the Host-Kra factors
    Journal of Functional Analysis 284(4) (2023), 109779
  • 36
    Gwiazda Piotr (B. Miasojedow, J. Skrzeczkowski, Z. Szymańska)
    Convergence of EBT method for a non-local model of cell proliferation with discontinuous interaction kernel
    IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis (2022), 1-37
  • 37
    Gwiazda Piotr (E. Feireisl, A. Świerczewska-Gwiazda)
    Time periodic motion of temperature driven compressible fluids
    Mathematische Annalen (2022)
  • 38
    Gwiazda Piotr (Miroslav Bulíček, Jakub Skrzeczkowski)
    On a range of exponents for absence of Lavrentiev phenomenon for double phase functionals
    Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 246 (2022), 209-240
  • 39
    Gwiazda Piotr (Z. Szymańska, J. Skrzeczkowski, B. Miasojedow)
    Bayesian inference of a non-local proliferation model
    Royal Society Open Science 8: 211279 (2021)
  • 40
    Hajac Piotr M. (F. Arici, F. D’Andrea, M. Tobolski)
    An equivariant pullback structure of trimmable graph C*-algebras
    Journal of Noncommutative Geometry 16 (2022), 761-785
  • 41
    Hajduk Karol (Ch. L. Fefferman, J. C. Robinson)
    Simultaneous approximation in Lebesgue and Sobolev norms via eigenspaces
    Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 125 (2022), 759-777
  • 42
    Jelonek Zbigniew ( S. T. Dinh, T. S. Pham)
    Stability of closedness of semi-algebraic sets under continuous semi-algebraic mappings
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 150 (2022), 3663-3673
  • 43
    Jelonek Zbigniew (A. Fernandes, J. E. Sampaio)
    On the Fukui-Kurdyka-Paunescu Conjecture
    Compositio Mathematica 158 (2022), 1298-313
  • 44
    Jelonek Zbigniew (M.Farnik)
    On Generic Topological Type of Complex Plane Polynomial Mappings
    International Mathematics Research Notices 22, (2022), 17976-17998
  • 45
    Kaczorowski Jerzy (A. Perelli)
    Classification of $L$-functions of degree 2 and conductor 1.
    Advances in Mathematics 408 (2022), 46-pp
  • 46
    Kaczorowski Jerzy (A. Perelli)
    Structural invariants of $L$-functions and applications: a survey
    Rivista di Matematica della Università di Parma (N.S.) 13 (2022), 137-159
  • 47
    Kamont Anna (M. Bownik, K. Dziedziul)
    Marcinkiewicz averages of smooth orthogonal projections on sphere
    Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 28, no. 5 (2022), paper no. 75, 31 pp.
  • 48
    Kapustka Michał (E. Fatighenti, G. Mongardi, M. Rampazzo)
    The generalized roof F(1,2,n): Hodge structures and derived categories
    Algebras and Representation Theory (2022)
  • 49
    Kapustka Michał (G. Bini, G. Kapustka)
    Symmetric locally free resolutions and rationality problems
    Communications in Contemporary Mathematics (2022)
  • 50
    Kapustka Michał (M. Rampazzo)
    Mukai duality via roofs of projective bundles
    Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 54 (2) (2022), 694-717
  • 51
    Klimsiak Tomasz
    Schrodinger equations with smooth measure potential and general measure data
    Nonlinear Analysis 218 (2022)
  • 52
    Klimsiak Tomasz (A. Rozkosz)
    Long-time asymptotic behaviour of the value function in nonlinear stopping problems
    ALEA-Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics 19 (2022), 1133-1160
  • 53
    Komorowski Tomasz (A. Bobrowski)
    Diffusion approximation for a simple kinetic model with asymmetric interface
    Journal of Evolution Equations 22 (2022), 42-
  • 54
    Komorowski Tomasz (A. Talarczyk-Noble)
    Non-Gaussian limit of a tracer motion in an incompressible flow.
    Studia Mathematica 264 (2022), 27-69
  • 55
    Komorowski Tomasz (S. Olla)
    Asymptotic Scattering by Poissonian Thermostats
    Annales Henri Poincare 23 (2022), 3753-3790
  • 56
    Komorowski Tomasz (Y. Gu)
    Gaussian fluctuations of replica overlap in directed polymers
    Electronic Communications in Probability 27 (2022), 1-12
  • 57
    Komorowski Tomasz (Y. Gu)
    High temperature behaviors of the directed polymer on a cylinder
    Journal of Statistical Physics 186 (2022), 48-
  • 58
    Komorowski Tomasz (Z. Brzeźniak, S. Peszat)
    Ergodicity for stochastic equation of Navier–Stokes type
    Electronic Communications in Probability 27 (4) (2022), 1-10
  • 59
    Koszmider Piotr (D. Głodkowski)
    On coverings of Banach spaces and their subsets by hyperplanes
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 150 (2022), 817-831
  • 60
    Koszmider Piotr (H. M. Wark)
    Large Banach spaces with no infinite equilateral sets.
    Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society 54 (2022), 2066-2077
  • 61
    Kotowski Michał (B. Virág)
    Large deviations for the interchange process on the interval and incompressible flows
    Geometric and Functional Analysis (2022)
  • 62
    Kraft Andreas (Ch. Esposito, J. Schnitzer)
    The Strong Homotopy Structure of Poisson Reduction
    Journal of Noncommutative Geometry 16 (2022), 927-966
  • 63
    Krajczok Jacek
    Modular properties of type I locally compact quantum group
    Journal of Operator Theory 87 no 2 (2022), 319-354
  • 64
    Krajczok Jacek (M. Wasilewski)
    On the von Neumann algebra of class functions on a compact quantum group
    Journal of Topology and Analysis 283 no 5 (2022), 29-
  • 65
    Królak Andrzej
    Principles of Gravitational-Wave Data Analysis
    Handbook of Gravitational Wave Astronomy Chapter 41 “Data Analysis Techniques”, pp. 1671 - 1707, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2022 C. Bambi et al. (eds.)
  • 66
    Królak Andrzej (R. Abbott et al. (LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration))
    All-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars using Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo O3 data
    Physical Review D 106 (2022), 102008-
  • 67
    Królak Andrzej (R. Abbott et al. (LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration))
    Searches for Gravitational Waves from Known Pulsars at Two Harmonics in the Second and Third LIGO-Virgo Observing Runs
    The Astrophysical Journal 935 (2022), 1-29
  • 68
    Kryński Wojciech
    The Schwarzian derivative and Euler-Lagrange equations
    Journal of Geometry and Physics 182 (2022) , 104665
  • 69
    Kuciński Łukasz i Miłoś Piotr (M. Wołczyk, M. Zając, R Pascanu)
    Disentangling Transfer in Continual Reinforcement Learning
    NeurIPS 2022
  • 70
    Lasoń Michał (M. Michałek)
    A note on seminormality of cut polytopes
    SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 36 (2022), 114-117
  • 71
    Li Kang i Skalski Adam (B. Kwaśniewski)
    The Haagerup property for twisted groupoid dynamical systems
    Journal of Functional Analysis 283 (2022), 109484-
  • 72
    Malicki Maciej (A. Hallback, T. Tsankov)
    Continuous logic and Borel equivalence relations
    Journal of Symbolic Logic (2022), 1-25
  • 73
    Malicki Maciej i Boritchev Maria (M. V. Guzmán, J. Szymanik)
    Compositionality in a simple corpus
    LIFT TAL 2022, Journées Jointes des Groupements de Recherche Linguistique Informatique, Formelle et de Terrain et Traitement Automatique des Langues (2022), 55-63
  • 74
    Marino Lorenzo (S. Menozzi, E. Priola)
    Poisson process and sharp constants in Lp and Schauder estimates for a class of degenerate Kolmogorov operators
    Studia Mathematica 267 (2022), 321-346
  • 75
    Mederski Jarosław (B. Bieganowski)
    Bound states for the Schrödinger equation with mixed-type nonlinearites
    Indiana University Mathematics Journal 71 No.1 (2022), 65-92
  • 76
    Mederski Jarosław i Schino Jacopo
    Least energy solutions to a cooperative system of Schrödinger equations with prescribed L^2-bounds: at least L^2-critical growth
    Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 61:10 (2022)
  • 77
    Mederski Jarosław i Schino Jacopo
    Nonlinear curl-curl problems in R^3,
    Minimax Theory and its Applications 7 No.2 (2022), 339-364
  • 78
    Mederski Jarosław i Siemianowski Jakub
    Biharmonic nonlinear scalar field equations
    International Mathematics Research Notices (2022), 33 pp
  • 79
    Mohammadpour Reza, Przytycki Feliks i Rams Michał
    Hausdorff and packing dimensions and measures for nonlinear transversally non-conformal thin solenoids
    Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 42 (2022), 3458-3489
  • 80
    Mukhopadhyay Sugato (S. Bhattacharjee, S. Joardar)
    Levi-Civita connections from toral actions
    Journal of Geometry and Physics 181 (2022)
  • 81
    Nowak Adam (B. Langowski)
    On derivatives, Riesz transforms and Sobolev spaces for Fourier-Bessel expansions
    Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 28 (2022), 1-59
  • 82
    Osajda Damian (M. Valiunas)
    Helly groups, coarse Helly groups, and relative hyperbolicity
    Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (2022)
  • 83
    Osajda Damian (P. Przytycki)
    Tits Alternative for 2-dimensional CAT(0) complexes
    Forum of Mathematics Pi, Vol. 10:e25 (2022), 1–19
  • 84
    Osajda Damian (S. Norin, P. Przytycki)
    Torsion groups do not act on 2-dimensional CAT(0) complexes
    Duke Mathematical Journal 171 (2022), 1379-1415
  • 85
    Palka Karol (A. Dubouloz, T. Kishimoto)
    Completions of affine spaces into Mori fiber spaces with non-rational fibers
    Journal of the London Mathematical Society 106 (2022), 1257-1290
  • 86
    Palka Karol (M. Koras)
    Complex planar curves homeomorphic to a line have at most four singular points
    Journal des Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees 9 (2022), 144-182
  • 87
    Przytycki Feliks
    McMullen's and geometric pressures and approximating the Hausdorff dimension of Julia sets from below.
    Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences Mathematics 69.2 (2021), 115-137
  • 88
    Rams Michał (B. Bárány, I. Kolossváry, K. Simon)
    Hausdorff measure and Assouad dimension of generic self-conformal IFS on the line
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Section A: Mathematics 151 (2021), 2051-2081
  • 89
    Rams Michał (B. Barany, K. Simon)
    Dimension theory of some non-Markovian repellers part I: A gentle introduction
    Topological dynamics and topological data analysis, Springer Proc. Math. Stat., 350, Springer, Singapore (2021), 15-48
  • 90
    Rams Michał (B. Barany, K. Simon)
    Dimension theory of some non-Markovian repellers Part II: Dynamically defined function graphs
    Topological dynamics and topological data analysis, 49–66, Springer Proc. Math. Stat., 350, Springer, Singapore (2021), 49-66
  • 91
    Rams Michał (B. Barany, R. Shi)
    On the multifractal spectrum of weighted Birkhoff averages
    Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems 42 (2022), 2461-2497
  • 92
    Rams Michał (L. Diaz, K. Gelfert)
    Mingled hyperbolicities: ergodic properties and bifurcation phenomena (an approach using concavity)
    Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems 42 (2022), 5309-5376
  • 93
    Rams Michał (L. Diaz, K. Gelfert)
    Variational principle for nonhyperbolic ergodic measures: Skew products and elliptic cocycles
    Communications in Mathematical Physics 394 (2022), 73-141
  • 94
    Rams Michał (L. Liao)
    Big Birkhoff sums in d-decaying Gauss like iterated function systems
    Studia Mathematica 264 (2022), 1-25
  • 95
    Rencławowicz Joanna i Zajączkowski Wojciech
    On the Stokes system in cylindrical domains
    Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics 24:64 (2022), 1-56
  • 96
    Roy Bidisha (A. Juyal, D. Moody)
    On ranks of quadratic twists of a Mordell curve
    Ramanujan Journal 59 (2022), 31-50
  • 97
    Roy Bidisha (T. Gužvić)
    Torsions subgroups of rational Mordell curves over number fields of higher degree
    Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii Ovidius Constanta-Seria Matematica 30 (2022), 125-132
  • 98
    Rozendaal Jan
    Local smoothing and Hardy spaces for Fourier integral operators
    Journal of Functional Analysis 283 (2022), 109721
  • 99
    Rozendaal Jan
    Rough pseudodifferential operators on Hardy spaces for Fourier integral operators II
    Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 28:65 (2022), 0-27
  • 100
    Rudnicki Ryszard
    Modele i Metody Biologii Matematycznej. Część II: Modele probabilistyczne
    Wydawnictwo IMPAN w ramach serii "Księgozbiór Matematyczny" tom 4: (2022)
  • 101
    Rudnicki Ryszard (K. Pichór)
    Cell cycle length and long-time behaviour of an age-size model
    Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 45 (2022), 5797-5820
  • 102
    Rupniewski Filip (M. Gałązka, T. Mańdziuk)
    Distinguishing secant from cactus varieties
    Foundations of Computational Mathematics (2022)
  • 103
    Rychlik Tomasz
    Bounds on the expectations of L-statistics based on iid life distributions
    Mathematical Methods of Statistics 31 (2022), 43-56
  • 104
    Rychlik Tomasz
    Bounds on the expectations of L-statistics from iid symmetric populations in various scale units
    Mathematical Methods of Statistics 30 (2021), 47-62
  • 105
    Rychlik Tomasz (M. Szymkowiak)
    Signature conditions for distributional properties of system lifetimes if component lifetimes are iid exponential
    IEEE Transactions on Reliability 71 (2022), 590-602
  • 106
    Sargsyan Grigor
    Negative results on precipitous ideals on omega_1
    Journal of Symbolic Logic (2022)
  • 107
    Skalski Adam (B. Das, U. Franz)
    The RFD and Kac quotients of the Hopf*-algebras of universal orthogonal quantum groups.
    Annales mathématiques Blaise Pascal 28 (2021), 141-155
  • 108
    Skalski Adam (M. Kalantar, P. Kasprzak, R. Vergnioux)
    Noncommutative Furstenberg boundary
    Analysis and PDE 15 (2022), 795-842
  • 109
    Skalski Adam (M. Neufang, P. Salmi, N. Spronk)
    Fixed points and limits of convolution powers of contractive quantum measures
    Indiana University Mathematics Journal 70 (2021), 1971-2009
  • 110
    Skalski Adam (S. Raum)
    Classifying right-angled Hecke C*-algebras via K-theoretic invariants
    Advances in Mathematics 407 (2022), 108559-
  • 111
    Śniady Piotr (S. Matsumoto)
    Symmetric group characters of almost square shape
    Algebraic Combinatorics 5 (2022), 771-784
  • 112
    Śniady Piotr i Maślanka Łukasz (M. Marciniak,)
    Poisson limit theorems for the Robinson-Schensted correspondence and for the multi-line Hammersley process
    Advances in Applied Mathematics 145 (2023)
  • 113
    Stettner Łukasz
    On an approximation of average cost per unit time impulse control of Markov processes
    SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 60 (2022), 2115-2131
  • 114
    Stettner Łukasz (D. Jelito)
    Risk sensitive optimal stopping with unbounded terminal cost function, Electron
    Electronic Journal of Probability 27 (2022), 1-30
  • 115
    Stettner Łukasz (H. Gacki)
    On measure solutions to a generalized Boltzmann equation
    Communications in Mathematical Sciences 20 (2022), 877-896
  • 116
    Szarek Tomasz Jakub (S. Brofferio, D. Buraczewski)
    On uniqueness of invariant measures for random walks on HOMEO+(ℝ).
    Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 42 (2002), 2207-2238
  • 117
    Szpond Justyna (R. Di Gennaro, G. Ilardi, R. M. Miro-Roig, T. Szemberg)
    Companion varieties for root systems and Fermat arrangements
    Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 226 (2022), 107055-
  • 118
    Topolnicki Rafał (P. Sobota, R. Topolnicki, T. Ossowski, T. Pikula, A. Pikul, R. Idczak)
    Superconductivity in the high entropy alloy (NbTa)0.67(MoHfW)0.33
    Physical Review B 106 (2022), 184512-1-184512-10
  • 119
    Trojan Bartosz (G. Świderski)
    About essential spectra of unbounded Jacobi matrices
    Journal of Approximation Theory 278 (2022)
  • 120
    Tyc Adam
    Z-oriented triangulations of surfaces
    ARS Mathematica Contemporanea 22 (2022), #P1.02-
  • 121
    Wojtaszczyk Przemysław (F. Albiac, J.L. Ansorena)
    Uniqueness of unconditional basis in H_p(T)+l_2 and H_p(T)+T(2)
    Journal of Functional Analysis 283.7 (2022)
  • 122
    Wojtaszczyk Przemysław (G. Petrova)
    Lipschitz widths
    Constructive Approximation (2022)
  • 123
    Wróblewska-Kamińska Aneta (D. Del Santo, F. Fanelli, G. Sbaiz)
    On the influence of gravity in the dynamics of geophysical flows
    Mathematics in Engineering 5(1) (2023), 1-33
  • 124
    Wróblewska-Kamińska Aneta (M. Pokorny, E. Zatorska)
    Two-phase compressible/incompressible Navier-Stokes system with inflow-outflow boundary conditions
    Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics 24:87 (2022), 1-27
  • 125
    Zajączkowski Wojciech (B. Nowakowski)
    Stability of nonswirl axisymmetric solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations
    Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences (2022), 1-16
  • 126
    Łasica Michał (P. Rybka)
    Existence of $W^{1,1}$ solutions to a class of variational problems with linear growth on convex domains
    Indiana University Mathematics Journal 70 (2021), 2427-2450

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