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Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

The dictionary (in the form of a pdf file) compiled by Jerzy Trzeciak lists examples of usage of words often encountered in mathematical texts. The examples come from articles or books by native speakers of English.

Common English errors in mathematical papers

pdf file listing errors in English usage, most often appearing in mathematical texts, with some explanations and comments.

`A', `an' or `the'?

A pdf file containing a detailed analysis of the use of articles in mathematical texts, with many examples.

Where to place a comma

A pdf file file on English punctuation, with examples from mathematical texts.

Template files for IMPAN journals

The files in the article and amsart style you will find here can be used when submitting a paper to one of IMPAN journals (except Dissertationes Mathematicae and Banach Center Publications, for which style files exist).

General LaTeX guidelines

Multiline formulas

Tex and pdf files, from which you can learn how to code complicated multiline formulas in TeX.

Formulas – a catalogue

pdf file showing the codes of multiline formulas and the use of some macros.

Writing Mathematical Papers – a Few Tips

A pdf file containing some general advice for mathematical writers.

2020 Mathematics Subject Classification

The AMS Mathematics Subject Classification system is used to categorize items covered by the two reviewing databases, MathSciNet and zbMATH.

Mathematical journals abbreviations

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