14FEB 2024

Awards for Outstanding Scientific Publications in 2023

We are pleased to announce that the Director of the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences has awarded prizes for outstanding scientific publications in 2023. Congratulations to all the winners. Please find the list below.


Dr hab. Piotr Achinger
P. Achinger, M. Lara, A. Youcis,
"Geometric arcs and fundamental groups of rigid spaces", J. Reine Angew. Math.

Dr hab. Paweł Dłotko i mgr Davide Gurnari
P. Dłotko, D. Gurnari
"Euler characteristic curves and profiles: a stable shape invariant for big data problems", GigaScience  https://academic.oup.com/gigascience/article/doi/10.1093/gigascience/giad094/7420640​

Prof. Piotr Gwiazda
E. Feireisl, P. Gwiazda, A. Świerczewska-Gwiazda,
"Time periodic motion of temperature driven compressible fluids", Math. Ann.
Prof. Tomasz Komorowski
A. Dunlap, Yu Gu ,T. Komorowski,
"Fluctuation exponents of the KPZ equation on a large torus", Comm. Pure Appl. Math.
Dr Łukasz Kuciński i dr hab. Piotr Miłoś
M. Zawalski, M. Tyrolski, K. Czechowski, T. Odrzygóźdź, D. Stachura, P. Piękos, Y. Wu, Ł. Kuciński, P. Miłoś,
“Adaptive Subgoal Search”, ICLR 2023
Prof. Adam Nowak
A. Nowak, E. Sasso, P. Sjögren, K. Stempak,
"On non-centered maximal operators related to a non-doubling and non-radial exponential measure", Math. Ann.
Prof. Adam Skalski
S. Raum, A. Skalski,
„Factorial multiparameter Hecke von Neumann algebras and representations of groups acting on right-angled buildings”, J. Math. Pures Appl.
Dr Mateusz Wasilewski
M. Caspers, G. Vos, M. Klisse, A. Skalski, M. Wasilewski,
"Relative Haagerup property for arbitrary von Neumann algebras", Adv. Math.



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