Discriminator varieties of Boolean algebras with residuated operators

Volume 28 / 1993

Peter Jipsen Banach Center Publications 28 (1993), 239-252 DOI: 10.4064/-28-1-239-252


The theory of discriminator algebras and varieties has been investigated extensively, and provides us with a wealth of information and techniques applicable to specific examples of such algebras and varieties. Here we give several such examples for Boolean algebras with a residuated binary operator, abbreviated as r-algebras. More specifically, we show that all finite r-algebras, all integral r-algebras, all unital r-algebras with finitely many elements below the unit, and all commutative residuated monoids are discriminator algebras, provided they are subdirectly irreducible. These results are then used to give equational bases for some varieties of r-algebras. We also show that the variety of all residuated Boolean monoids is not a discriminator variety, which answers a question of B. Jónsson.


  • Peter Jipsen

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