Additive combinations of special operators

Volume 30 / 1994

Pei Wu Banach Center Publications 30 (1994), 337-361 DOI: 10.4064/-30-1-337-361


This is a survey paper on additive combinations of certain special-type operators on a Hilbert space. We consider (finite) linear combinations, sums, convex combinations and/or averages of operators from the classes of diagonal operators, unitary operators, isometries, projections, symmetries, idempotents, square-zero operators, nilpotent operators, quasinilpotent operators, involutions, commutators, self-commutators, norm-attaining operators, numerical-radius-attaining operators, irreducible operators and cyclic operators. In each case, we are mainly concerned with the characterization of such combinations and the minimal number of the special operators required in them. We will omit the proofs of most of the results here but give some indication or brief sketch of the ideas behind and point out the remaining open problems.


  • Pei Wu

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