Markovian processes on mutually commuting von Neumann algebras

Volume 43 / 1998

Carlo Cecchini Banach Center Publications 43 (1998), 111-118 DOI: 10.4064/-43-1-111-118


The aim of this paper is to study markovianity for states on von Neumann algebras generated by the union of (not necessarily commutative) von Neumann subagebras which commute with each other. This study has been already begun in [2] using several a priori different notions of noncommutative markovianity. In this paper we assume to deal with the particular case of states which define odd stochastic couplings (as developed in [3]) for all couples of von Neumann algebras involved. In this situation these definitions are equivalent, and in this case it is possible to get the full noncommutative generalization of the basic classical Markov theory results. In particular we get a correspondence theorem, and an explicit structure theorem for Markov states.


  • Carlo Cecchini

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