Quantum Itô B*-algebras, their classification and decomposition

Volume 43 / 1998

V. Belavkin Banach Center Publications 43 (1998), 63-70 DOI: 10.4064/-43-1-63-70


A simple axiomatic characterization of the general (infinite dimensional, noncommutative) Itô algebra is given and a pseudo-Euclidean fundamental representation for such algebra is described. The notion of Itô B*-algebra, generalizing the C*-algebra, is defined to include the Banach infinite dimensional Itô algebras of quantum Brownian and quantum Lévy motion, and the B*-algebras of vacuum and thermal quantum noise are characterized. It is proved that every Itô algebra is canonically decomposed into the orthogonal sum of quantum Brownian (Wiener) algebra and quantum Lévy (Poisson) algebra. In particular, every quantum thermal noise is the orthogonal sum of a quantum Wiener noise and a quantum Poisson noise as it is stated by the Lévy-Khinchin Theorem in the classical case.


  • V. Belavkin

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