On blowing up versal discriminants

Volume 44 / 1998

Piotr Jaworski Banach Center Publications 44 (1998), 129-140 DOI: 10.4064/-44-1-129-140


It is well-known that the versal deformations of nonsimple singularities depend on moduli. The first step in deeper understanding of this phenomenon is to determine the versal discriminant, which roughly speaking is an obstacle for analytic triviality of an unfolding or deformation along the moduli. The goal of this paper is to describe the versal discriminant of $Z_{k,0}$ and $Q_{k,0}$ singularities basing on the fact that the deformations of these singularities may be obtained as blowing ups of certain deformations of $J_{k,0}$ singularities.


  • Piotr Jaworski

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