Plane Algebroid Curves in Arbitrary Characteristic

Gerhard Pfister and Arkadiusz PłoskiIMPAN Lecture Notes, Vol. 4, IMPAN, Warszawa, 2022, ISBN 978-83-86806-51-5, 134 pp.

About the book: 
This is a book on algebroid curves over algebraically closed fields of characteristic p ≥ 0. An algebroid curve is given by an equation f = 0, where f is a formal power series. We hope that the book will be of interest for both mathematicians and physicists interested in formal power series methods, including computations.

About the authors: 
Arkadiusz Płoski is a professor of mathematics at Świ ̨etokrzyska Technical University in Kielce. He obtained his PhD in 1974. He is a specialist in algebraic geometry, complex geometry and algebra. Power series expansions lie at the centre of his scientific interests. In 1990 he was the president of Kielce, a city in middle Poland with population of about 200 000.
Gerhard Pfister is a specialist in commutative geometry, algebra and symbolic computations. He obtained his PhD in 1971 at Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. In 1983 he became a professor at Humboldt-Universität. In 1993 he moved to Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, where he retired in 2012.

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