Bifurcation theorems of Rabinowitz type for certain differential operators of the fourth order

Volume 57 / 1992

Jolanta Przybycin Annales Polonici Mathematici 57 (1992), 21-28 DOI: 10.4064/ap-57-1-21-28


This paper was inspired by the works of P. H. Rabinowitz. We study nonlinear eigenvalue problems for some fourth order elliptic partial differential equations with nonlinear perturbation of Rabinowitz type. We show the existence of an unbounded continuum of nontrivial positive solutions bifurcating from (μ₁,0), where μ₁ is the first eigenvalue of the linearization about 0 of the considered problem. We also prove the related theorem for bifurcation from infinity. The results obtained are similar to those proved by Rabinowitz for second order elliptic partial differential equations ([5]-[7]). The methods used are based, in principle, on the results of [1], [5], [6].


  • Jolanta Przybycin

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