Fonctions biharmoniques adjointes

Volume 99 / 2010

Emmanuel P. Smyrnelis Annales Polonici Mathematici 99 (2010), 1-21 MSC: 31B30, 31D05. DOI: 10.4064/ap99-1-1


The study of the equation $(L_2L_1)^* h= 0$ or of the equivalent system $L_{2}^{\ast }h_{2}=-h_{1}$, $ L_{1}^{\ast }h_{1}=0$, where $L_{j}$ $(j=1,2)$ is a second order elliptic differential operator, leads us to the following general framework: Starting from a biharmonic space, for example the space of solutions $(u_{1},u_{2})$ of the system $L_{1}u_{1}=-u_{2}$, $ L_{2}u_{2}=0$, $L_{j}$ $(j=1,2)$ being elliptic or parabolic, and by means of its Green pairs, we construct the associated adjoint biharmonic space which is in duality with the initial one.


  • Emmanuel P. SmyrnelisDepartment of Mathematics
    University of Athens
    Athens, Greece

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