Volume 19 / 1987

M. Chrobak, M. Habib, P. John, H. Sachs, H. Zernitz, J. R. Reay, G. Sierksma, M. M. Sysło, T. Traczyk, W. Wessel Applicationes Mathematicae 19 (1987), 635-641 DOI: 10.4064/am-19-3-4-635-641


1. Walls of rectangles (M. Chrobak) 2. Plane embeddings (M. Chrobak) 3. Cubic Hamiltonian graphs (M. Chrobak) 4. Jump number problem - 1 (M. Habib) 5. Domino covers in square chessboards (P. John, H. Sachs and H. Zernitz) 6. Interiors of uniform size in Steinitz's Theorem (J. R. Reay) 7. Area of lattice polygons - the $ 10 problem (J. R. Reay) 8. Regular graphs (G. Sierksma) 9. Jump number problem - 2 (M. M. Sysło) 10. Hamiltonian cycles in G² (T. Traczyk) 11. Thickness of graphs (W. Wessel)


  • M. Chrobak
  • M. Habib
  • P. John
  • H. Sachs
  • H. Zernitz
  • J. R. Reay
  • G. Sierksma
  • M. M. Sysło
  • T. Traczyk
  • W. Wessel

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