Some convergence acceleration processes for a class of vector sequences

Volume 24 / 1997

G. Sedogbo Applicationes Mathematicae 24 (1997), 299-306 DOI: 10.4064/am-24-3-299-306


Let $(S_n)$ be some vector sequence, converging to S, satisfying $S_n - S \sim ϱ ^n n^{θ}(β_0 + β_1 n^{-1} + β_2 n^{-2} + ...), 0 \lt |ϱ|\lt 1 , θ \lt 0$, where $β_0(\ne 0), β_1,...$ are constant vectors independent of n. The purpose of this paper is to provide acceleration methods for these vector sequences. Comparisons are made with some known algorithms. Numerical examples are also given.


  • G. Sedogbo

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