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Truncation and Duality Results for Hopf Image Algebras

Volume 62 / 2014

Teodor Banica Bulletin Polish Acad. Sci. Math. 62 (2014), 161-179 MSC: Primary 46L65; Secondary 46L37. DOI: 10.4064/ba62-2-5


Associated to an Hadamard matrix $H\in M_N(\mathbb C)$ is the spectral measure $\mu\in\mathcal P[0,N]$ of the corresponding Hopf image algebra, $A=C(G)$ with $G\subset S_N^+$. We study a certain family of discrete measures $\mu^r\in\mathcal P[0,N]$, coming from the idempotent state theory of $G$, which converge in Cesàro limit to $\mu$. Our main result is a duality formula of type $\int_0^N(x/N)^p\,d\mu^r(x)=\int_0^N(x/N)^r\,d\nu^p(x)$, where $\mu^r,\nu^r$ are the truncations of the spectral measures $\mu,\nu$ associated to $H,H^t$. We also prove, using these truncations $\mu^r,\nu^r$, that for any deformed Fourier matrix $H=F_M\otimes_QF_N$ we have $\mu=\nu$.


  • Teodor BanicaDepartment of Mathematics
    Cergy-Pontoise University
    95000 Cergy-Pontoise, France

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