The Mathematical Center for Sciences and Technology of the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established on 28 November 2003. The Center’s objective is to consolidate the actions of the mathematical community in favour of the applications of Mathematics. The Scientific Council of the Center for the Applications of Mathematics consists of 22 specialists in different applied branches of Mathematics as well as related disciplines.

The President of the Center for the Mathematical Center for Sciences and Technology is Professor Ł. Stettner, whereas the Vice-presidents
are Professor T. Cieślak and Professor R. Rudnicki.

The Center for Applications includes scientific groups working in the following disciplines:
– Financial Mathematics,
– Biomathematics,
– Mathematical Physics,
– Cryptology,
– Numerical analysis,
– Statistics.

The Center organizes regular seminars dedicated to different branches of the applications of Mathematics as well as seminars focusing on particular disciplines of applications. The Center is in charge of organizing the National Conference on the Applications of Mathematics in Zakopane. One of the Center’s tasks is also to supervise the editorial process of the quaterly Applicationes Mathematicae, which celebrated in 2003 its 50th anniversary (the magazine’s founder was Hugo Steinhaus).

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