20MAY 2024

Kazimierz Kuratowski Award 2024

The 2024 prize laureate is Dr. Borys Kuca from the Jagiellonian University for his series of works focusing on the study of polynomial configurations in combinatorics, ergodic theory, and fractal geometry. The jury especially valued the winner's contributions to the continuous version of Sárközy's problem.

The award was granted by a jury consisting of: Dr hab. Iwona Chlebicka, Dr hab. Maciej Dołęga, Dr Mikołaj Frączyk, Dr hab. Joachim Jelisiejew, Dr hab. Jarosław Mederski, Dr inż. Justyna Signerska-Rynkowska, Prof. Adam Skalski, Dr Marcin Sroka, Dr Anna Szymusiak.

From the prize regulations: The Kazimierz Kuratowski Prize for scientific achievements in mathematics was established in 1981 by his daughter Zofia Kuratowska, the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Mathematical Society. The prize is awarded at least once a year to persons who are under 30 years of age by the end of the year preceding the award and who are not laureates of the PTM awards (excluding prizes for young mathematicians) or the scientific award of the Faculty III of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Both published and accepted scientific papers of candidates are evaluated. Previous winners of the award can be found on the IM PAN website: https://www.impan.pl/en/activities/awards/kazimierz-kuratowski

dr Borys Kuca

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