8APR 2024

Prof. J.Wiśniewski laureate of the W.Sierpiński Medal

Professor Jarosław Wiśniewski (MIMUW) is this year's winner of the Wacław Sierpiński Medal: https://www.ptm.org.pl/konkursy/wyklady-im-waclawa-sierpinskiego. The medal is awarded annually by the University of Warsaw and the Polish Mathematical Society to mathematicians with outstanding scientific achievements.

Professor Wiśniewski is an algebraic geometer, member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, member of the IMPAN Scientific Council, and a mentor for many algebraic geometers from Warsaw. His outstanding achievements concern, among others, birational geometry, complex contact manifolds, and manifolds with algebraic torus action; https://www.mimuw.edu.pl/~jarekw/. He actively works for the benefit of the mathematics community and for the civil society.

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