8JAN 2024

Prof. Yurij Tomiłov wins NCN and NAWA grants

We are pleased to announce that Professor Yurij Tomiłov has received a grant from the National Science Centre for a research project under the Opus 25 competition, and thanks to the cooperation between the National Science Centre and NAWA and the US NSF - for the first project in Poland within the IMPRESS-U Initiative.

Proposal "Functional calculus of semigroup generators and related issues" submitted to the National Science Centre under Opus was qualified for financing in the amount of PLN 433700. The research project will be carried out at IM PAN in the period 01.01.2024-31.12.2026 by a team led by Prof. Y. Tomilov, IM PAN, and three other investigators. The aim of the project is to develop the theory of bounded functional calculus of generators of operator semigroups and its uses. With the help of the developed theory, its techniques and tools, it is planned to solve a number of open problems in the theory of partial differential equations, harmonic analysis and complex analysis.
International project ''Spectral and geometric methods for damped wave equations with applications to fiber lasers'' (project coordinator: prof. Y. Tomilov) received funding in the amount of PLN 596880 as part of the "International Multilateral Partnerships for Resilient Education and Science System in Ukraine IMPRESS-U" initiative implemented by NSF (US National Science Foundation) in partnership with NAWA and NCN (Poland), LCS (Lithuania), RCL (Latvia), ETAG (Estonia), NRFU (Ukraine) and NASEM (USA) with the support of private donors and foundations.

It is the first project in Poland selected for financing under this Initiative. It aims to build excellence in scientific and applied research, education and innovation through scientific cooperation and integration of scientists from Ukraine into the global scientific community. As part of the NSF Initiative, it organizes and adjudicates a call for projects that address scientific challenges in any field of science, carried out by American scientists in cooperation with scientists from Ukraine and scientists from at least one of the partner countries listed above.
The project provides for the participation of teams from the USA (2 researchers), Poland (4 researchers from IM PAN, NCU, and AMU) and Ukraine (4  researchers), will be coordinated by IM PAN and implemented in the period 01.02.2024-30.01.2026. The above funds are provided to support the Polish team, while the activities of the teams from the USA and Ukraine will be financed separately. As part of this project, it is planned to study the spectral and asymptotic properties of perturbed wave equations on manifolds and metric graphs and the application of these properties to the modeling of fiber lasers. In addition, the project aims to complement the research of the team from the USA under the NSF grant DMS-2106203 "Collaborative research: stability and instability of periodically stationary nonlinear waves with applications to fiber lasers" on the stability of pulse-type solutions and periodically stationary solutions of the Ginzburg-Landau equations of fiber lasers.


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