Algebroid nature of the characteristic classes of flat bundles

Volume 45 / 1998

Jan Kubarski Banach Center Publications 45 (1998), 199-224 DOI: 10.4064/-45-1-199-224


The following two homotopic notions are important in many domains of differential geometry: - homotopic homomorphisms between principal bundles (and between other objects), - homotopic subbundles. They play a role, for example, in many fundamental problems of characteristic classes. It turns out that both these notions can be - in a natural way - expressed in the language of Lie algebroids. Moreover, the characteristic homomorphisms of principal bundles (the Chern-Weil homomorphism [K4], or the subject of this paper, the characteristic homomorphism for flat bundles) are invariants of Lie algebroids of these bundles. This enables one to construct the characteristic homomorphism of a flat regular Lie algebroid, measuring the incompatibility of the flat structure with a given subalgebroid. For two given Lie subalgebroids, these homomorphisms are equivalent if the Lie subalgebroids are homotopic. Some new examples of applications of this characteristic homomorphism to a transitive case (for TC-foliations) and to a non-transitive case (for a principal bundle equipped with a partial flat connection) are pointed out (Ex. 3.1). An example of a transitive Lie algebroid of a TC-foliation which leads to the nontrivial characteristic homomorphism is obtained.


  • Jan Kubarski

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