Examples of non-shy sets

Volume 144 / 1994

Randall Dougherty Fundamenta Mathematicae 144 (1994), 73-88 DOI: 10.4064/fm-144-1-73-88


Christensen has defined a generalization of the property of being of Haar measure zero to subsets of (abelian) Polish groups which need not be locally compact; a recent paper of Hunt, Sauer, and Yorke defines the same property for Borel subsets of linear spaces, and gives a number of examples and applications. The latter authors use the term "shyness" for this property, and "prevalence" for the complementary property. In the present paper, we construct a number of examples of non-shy Borel sets in various groups, and thereby answer several questions of Christensen and Mycielski. The main results are: in many (most?) non-locally-compact Polish groups, the ideal of shy sets does not satisfy the countable chain condition (i.e., there exist uncountably many disjoint non-shy Borel sets); in function spaces $C(^ω 2,G)$ where G is an abelian Polish group, the set of functions f which are highly non-injective is non-shy, and even prevalent if G is locally compact.


  • Randall Dougherty

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