Papers accepted for publication

  • A functorial extension of the Magnus representation to the category of three-dimensional cobordisms
    Vincent Florens, Gwénaël Massuyeau, Juan Serrano de Rodrigo
  • Spectra of stochastic Generalized adding machines
    Ali Messaoudi, Glauco Valle
  • Pierce sheaves and commutative idempotent generated algebras
    G. Bezhanishvili, P. J. Morandi, B. Olberding
  • Directed suspensions and their loop spaces
    Andrzej Weber, Krzysztof Ziemiański
  • On coarse Lipschitz embeddability into $c_0(\kappa)$
    Andrew Swift
  • On sums of nearly affine Cantor sets
    Anton Gorodetski, Scott Northrup
  • Steenrod structures on categorified quantum groups
    Anna Beliakova, Benjamin Cooper
  • Widely-connected sets in the bucket-handle continuum
    David Lipham
  • On homogeneous locally conical spaces
    Fredric D. Ancel, David P. Bellamy
  • Entropy locking
    David Cosper, Michał Misiurewicz
  • Weakly Radon–Nikodým Boolean algebras and independent sequences
    Antonio Avilés, Gonzalo Martínez-Cervantes, Grzegorz Plebanek
  • Odd Khovanov’s arc algebra
    Grégoire Naisse, Pedro Vaz
  • Intervals of the Muchnik lattice
    Brian Rice
  • Some consistency results on density numbers
    Moti Gitik
  • The Core Ingram Conjecture for non-recurrent critical points
    Ana Anušić, Henk Bruin, Jernej Činč
  • Structurable equivalence relations
    Ruiyuan Chen, Alexander S. Kechris
  • Almost disjoint refinements and mixing reals
    Barnabás Farkas, Yurii Khomskii, Zoltán Vidnyánszky
  • Adding a lot of random reals by adding a few
    Moti Gitik, Mohammad Golshani

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