• Ramification current, post-critical normality and stability of holomorphic endomorphisms of $\mathbb P^k$
    François Berteloot, Maxence Brévard
  • Schmidt’s winning sets in $S$-gap shifts
    Xulei Wang, Guohua Zhang
  • Grothendieck $C(K)$-spaces and the Josefson–Nissenzweig theorem
    Jerzy Kąkol, Damian Sobota, Lyubomyr Zdomskyy
  • Mycielski ideals and uniform trees
    Jelle Mathis Kuiper, Otmar Spinas
  • Genera and crossing numbers of $2$-bridge knots
    Masaaki Suzuki, Anh T. Tran
  • Commutative unital rings elementarily equivalent to prescribed product rings
    Paola D’Aquino, Angus J. Macintyre
  • High dimensional sequential compactness
    César Corral, Osvaldo Guzmán, Carlos López-Callejas
  • Connections between matrix summability ideals and nonpathological analytic P-ideals
    Jacek Tryba
  • Bilinear pairings on two-dimensional cobordisms and generalizations of the Deligne category
    Mikhail Khovanov, Radmila Sazdanovic
  • The complexity of homeomorphism relations on some classes of compacta with bounded topological dimension
    Jan Dudák, Benjamin Vejnar
  • Orthogonality of measures and states
    Severin Mejak

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