Papers accepted for publication

  • Quadruply-graded colored homology of knots
    Eugene Gorsky, Sergei Gukov, Marko Stošić
  • Trivial and non-trivial automorphisms of $\mathcal P(\omega_1)/[\omega_1]^{<\aleph_0}$
    Saharon Shelah, Juris Steprāns
  • Presentations of NET maps
    William Floyd, Walter Parry, Kevin M. Pilgrim
  • Equivariant cohomology of $(\mathbb Z_{2})^{r}$-manifolds and syzygies
    Volker Puppe
  • Quasisymmetric geometry of Sierpiński carpet Julia sets
    Weiyuan Qiu, Fei Yang, Jinsong Zeng
  • Eckardt surfaces
    Brenda Leticia De La Rosa-Navarro, Gioia Failla, Juan Bosco Frías-Medina, Mustapha Lahyane, Rosanna Utano
  • Topological partition relations for countable ordinals
    Diana Ojeda-Aristizabal, William Weiss
  • Vanishing of $\ell^2$-Betti numbers of locally compact groups as an invariant of coarse equivalence
    Roman Sauer, Michael Schrödl
  • On large sequential groups
    Alexander Y. Shibakov
  • New examples of non-commutative Valdivia compact spaces
    Jacopo Somaglia
  • Distribution of postcritically finite polynomials III: Combinatorial continuity
    Thomas Gauthier, Gabriel Vigny
  • Tauberian constants associated to centered translation invariant density bases
    Paul Hagelstein, Ioannis Parissis
  • A locally compact noncompact monothetic semigroup with identity
    Yevhen Zelenyuk
  • Cherry flows with non trivial attractors
    Liviana Palmisano
  • Locally compact groups and locally minimal group topologies
    Wenfei Xi, Dikran Dikranjan, Wei He, Zhiqiang Xiao
  • SSGP topologies on abelian groups of positive finite divisible rank
    Dmitri Shakhmatov, Víctor Hugo Yañez
  • On the characteristic rank of vector bundles over oriented Grassmannians
    Branislav I. Prvulović, Marko Radovanović
  • Distributive Aronszajn trees
    Ari Meir Brodsky, Assaf Rinot
  • Orbit class and its applications
    Marzieh Bayeh, Soumen Sarkar
  • Powers of countable Fréchet spaces
    Yinhe Peng, Stevo Todorcevic
  • A characterization of the Boolean Prime Ideal theorem in terms of forcing notions
    David Fernández-Bretón, Elizabeth Lauri
  • Shadowing, asymptotic shadowing and s-limit shadowing
    Chris Good, Piotr Oprocha, Mate Puljiz
  • Analytic computable structure theory and $L^p$ spaces
    Joe Clanin, Timothy H. McNicholl, Don M. Stull
  • Countable dense homogeneity and the Cantor set
    Rodrigo Hernández-Gutiérrez
  • Weak prediction principles
    Omer Ben-Neria, Shimon Garti, Yair Hayut
  • Local extension property for finite height spaces
    laudia Correa, Daniel V. Tausk
  • Gysin maps, duality and Schubert classes
    Lionel Darondeau, Piotr Pragacz

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