• PCF theory and the Tukey spectrum
    Thomas Gilton
  • Surreal substructures
    Vincent Bagayoko, Joris van der Hoeven
  • Invariant Ideal Axiom, beyond the countable sequential groups
    Michael Hrušák, Alexander Shibakov
  • Ergodic measures with infinite entropy
    Eleonora Catsigeras, Serge Troubetzkoy
  • Universally measurable sets may all be $\displaystyle\mathop{\Delta}_{\raise10pt{\sim}}{}^{1}_{2}$
    Paul B. Larson, Saharon Shelah
  • Definable compactness in definably complete locally o-minimal structures
    Masato Fujita
  • Cantor sets as generalised inverse limits
    Lori Alvin, Sina Greenwood, James P. Kelly
  • Destruction of CPE-normality along deterministic sequences
    Adam Abrams, Tomasz Downarowicz
  • Application of waist inequality to entropy and mean dimension: II
    Masaki Tsukamoto
  • Extenders under ZF and constructibility of rank-to-rank embeddings
    Farmer Schlutzenberg

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