Artykuły zatwierdzone do publikacji

  • Conjugacy classes of diffeomorphisms of the interval in $\mathcal C^1$-regularity
    Églantine Farinelli
  • Hausdorff dimension of biaccessible angles for quadratic polynomials
    Henk Bruin, Dierk Schleicher
  • Small product sets in compact groups
    Michael Björklund
  • A Burau–Alexander 2-functor on tangles
    David Cimasoni, Anthony Conway
  • Rosenthal compacta that are premetric of finite degree
    Antonio Avilés, Alejandro Poveda, Stevo Todorcevic
  • Geometric representation of the infimax S-adic family
    Philip Boyland, William Severa
  • Indestructible guessing models and the continuum
    Sean Cox, John Krueger
  • On a question about families of entire functions
    Ashutosh Kumar, Saharon Shelah
  • Algebra, selections, and additive Ramsey theory
    Boaz Tsaban
  • A Polish metric space whose group of isometries induces a universal relation for Polish group actions
    Julien Melleray
  • Measures on Boolean algebras
    Thomas Jech
  • Enrichments of Boolean algebras by Presburger predicates
    Jamshid Derakhshan, Angus Macintyre
  • Banach-lattice isomorphisms of $C_0(K,X)$ spaces which determine the locally compact spaces $K$
    Elói Medina Galego, Michael A. Rincón-Villamizar
  • A functorial extension of the Magnus representation to the category of three-dimensional cobordisms
    Vincent Florens, Gwénaël Massuyeau, Juan Serrano de Rodrigo
  • Supersimplicity and countable reducts of a unidimensional hypersimple theory
    Ziv Shami
  • Perfect images of generalized ordered spaces
    Gary Gruenhage, David J. Lutzer
  • The variety of subadditive functions for finite group schemes
    Dave Benson, Henning Krause
  • An observation regarding 0,1-laws and asymptotics of definable sets in geometric Fraïssé classes
    Cameron Donnay Hill
  • Long increasing chains of idempotents in $\beta G$
    Neil Hindman, Dona Strauss
  • $L_p$ regular sparse hypergraphs
    Pandelis Dodos, Vassilis Kanellopoulos, Thodoris Karageorgos
  • Spectra of stochastic Generalized adding machines
    Ali Messaoudi, Glauco Valle
  • Pierce sheaves and commutative idempotent generated algebras
    G. Bezhanishvili, P. J. Morandi, B. Olberding
  • Directed suspensions and their loop spaces
    Andrzej Weber, Krzysztof Ziemiański
  • The tree property on a countable segment of successors of singular cardinals
    Mohammad Golshani, Yair Hayut
  • On coarse Lipschitz embeddability into $c_0(\kappa)$
    Andrew Swift
  • On sums of nearly affine Cantor sets
    Anton Gorodetski, Scott Northrup
  • Steenrod structures on categorified quantum groups
    Anna Beliakova, Benjamin Cooper
  • Widely-connected sets in the bucket-handle continuum
    David Lipham

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