Artykuły przyjęte do publikacji

  • Local extension property for finite height spaces
    laudia Correa, Daniel V. Tausk
  • Alexander–Beck modules detect the unknot
    Markus Szymik
  • A minimal Kurepa tree with respect to club embeddings
    Hossein Lamei Ramandi
  • $G_\delta$-topology and compact cardinals
    Toshimichi Usuba
  • Symmetric Lie models of a triangle
    Urtzi Buijs, Yves Félix, Aniceto Murillo, Daniel Tanré
  • Non-uniformizable sets with countable cross-sections on a given level of the projective hierarchy
    Vladimir Kanovei, Vassily Lyubetsky
  • An expansive homeomorphism of a 3-manifold with a local stable set that is not locally connected
    Alfonso Artigue
  • On the differentiation of integrals with respect to translation invariant convex density bases
    Giorgi Oniani
  • Diagonalising an ultrafilter and preserving a $P$-point
    Heike Mildenberger
  • Spaces with a $\mathbb{Q}$-diagonal
    Ziqin Feng
  • Lattices in amenable groups
    Uri Bader, Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, Tsachik Gelander, Shahar Mozes
  • Identities involving (doubly) symmetric polynomials and integrals over Grassmannians
    Dang Tuan Hiep
  • Partial strong compactness and squares
    Yair Hayut
  • The last forcing standing with diamonds
    Andrzej Rosłanowski, Saharon Shelah
  • A note on set mappings: an extension of results of Hajnal and Máté under GCH
    Péter Komjáth
  • On surjections between Banach spaces of continuous functions on separable nonmetrizable compact lines
    Artur Michalak
  • On $(1,\omega_{1})$-weakly universal functions
    Osvaldo Guzmán
  • Reconstructing structures with the strong small index property up to bi-definability
    Gianluca Paolini, Saharon Shelah
  • Low-complexity Haar null sets without $G_\delta$ hulls in $\mathbb{Z}^\omega$
    Donát Nagy
  • Some algebraic equivalent forms of $\mathbb{R} \subseteq L$
    Silvia Steila
  • Reducts of Hrushovski’s constructions of a higher geometrical arity
    Assaf Hasson, Omer Mermelstein
  • $L_p$ regular sparse hypergraphs: box norms
    Pandelis Dodos, Vassilis Kanellopoulos, Thodoris Karageorgos
  • On uniformly continuous maps between function spaces
    Rafał Górak, Mikołaj Krupski, Witold Marciszewski
  • Small mad families whose hyperspaces of their Isbell–Mrówka spaces are pseudocompact
    Vinicius de Oliveira Rodrigues, Artur Hideyuki Tomita
  • Ample pairs
    Enrique Casanovas, Amador Martin-Pizarro, Daniel Palacín
  • Knot-theoretic ternary groups
    Maciej Niebrzydowski, Agata Pilitowska, Anna Zamojska-Dzienio
  • The subseries number
    Jörg Brendle, Will Brian, Joel David Hamkins
  • On the reflection of the countable chain condition
    Ramiro de la Vega
  • Topological entropy and IE-tuples of indecomposable continua
    Hisao Kato
  • Realizing spaces as path-component spaces
    Taras Banakh, Jeremy Brazas
  • Torsion-free abelian groups are consistently $a \Delta^1_2$-complete
    Saharon Shelah, Douglas Ulrich
  • On time change equivalence of Borel flows
    Konstantin Slutsky
  • Polishability of some groups of interval and circle diffeomorphisms
    Michael P. Cohen

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