Properties of the class of measure separable compact spaces

Volume 147 / 1995

Mirna Džamonja, Kenneth Kunen Fundamenta Mathematicae 147 (1995), 261-277 DOI: 10.4064/fm-147-3-261-277


We investigate properties of the class of compact spaces on which every regular Borel measure is separable. This class will be referred to as MS. We discuss some closure properties of MS, and show that some simply defined compact spaces, such as compact ordered spaces or compact scattered spaces, are in MS. Most of the basic theory for regular measures is true just in ZFC. On the other hand, the existence of a compact ordered scattered space which carries a non-separable (non-regular) Borel measure is equivalent to the existence of a real-valued measurable cardinal ≤${\mathfrak c}$. We show that not being in MS is preserved by all forcing extensions which do not collapse $ω_1$, while being in MS can be destroyed even by a ccc forcing.


  • Mirna Džamonja
  • Kenneth Kunen

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