Ramsey, Lebesgue, and Marczewski sets and the Baire property

Volume 149 / 1996

Patrick Reardon Fundamenta Mathematicae 149 (1996), 191-203 DOI: 10.4064/fm-149-3-191-203


We investigate the completely Ramsey, Lebesgue, and Marczewski σ-algebras and their relations to the Baire property in the Ellentuck and density topologies. Two theorems concerning the Marczewski σ-algebra (s) are presented.  THEOREM. In the density topology D, (s) coincides with the σ-algebra of Lebesgue measurable sets.  THEOREM. In the Ellentuck topology on $[ω]^ω$, $(s)_0$ is a proper subset of the hereditary ideal associated with (s).  We construct an example in the Ellentuck topology of a set which is first category and measure 0 but which is not $B_r$-measurable. In addition, several theorems concerning perfect sets in the Ellentuck topology are presented. In particular, it is shown that there exist countable perfect sets in the Ellentuck topology.


  • Patrick Reardon

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