On absolutely divergent series

Volume 160 / 1999

Sakaé Fuchino, Heike Mildenberger, Saharon Shelah, Peter Vojtáš Fundamenta Mathematicae 160 (1999), 255-268 DOI: 10.4064/fm_1999_160_3_1_255_268


We show that in the $ℵ_2$-stage countable support iteration of Mathias forcing over a model of CH the complete Boolean algebra generated by absolutely divergent series under eventual dominance is not isomorphic to the completion of P(ω)/fin. This complements Vojtáš' result that under $cf(\gc) = \gp$ the two algebras are isomorphic [15].


  • Sakaé Fuchino
  • Heike Mildenberger
  • Saharon Shelah
  • Peter Vojtáš

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