A strong mixing condition for second-order stationary random fields

Volume 101 / 1992

Raymond Cheng Studia Mathematica 101 (1992), 139-153 DOI: 10.4064/sm-101-2-139-153


Let ${X_{mn}}$ be a second-order stationary random field on Z². Let ℳ(L) be the linear span of ${X_{mn}: m ≤ 0, n ∈ Z}$, and ℳ(R_N) the linear span of ${X_{mn}: m ≥ N, n ∈ Z}$. Spectral criteria are given for the condition $lim_{N→∞} c_N = 0$, where $c_N$ is the cosine of the angle between ℳ(L) and $ℳ(R_N)$.


  • Raymond Cheng

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