• On Cauchy dual operator and duality for Banach spaces of analytic functions
    Paweł Pietrzycki
  • The necessity theory for commutators of multilinear singular integral operators: the weighted case
    Dinghuai Wang
  • The $L^p$-to-$L^q$ compactness of commutators with $p \gt q$
    Tuomas Hytönen, Kangwei Li, Jin Tao, Dachun Yang
  • Bell-shaped sequences
    Mateusz Kwaśnicki, Jacek Wszoła
  • Sparse approximation using new greedy-like bases in superreflexive spaces
    Fernando Albiac, José L. Ansorena, Miguel Berasategui
  • Higher order derivatives of analytic families of Banach spaces
    Félix Sánchez, Jesús M. F. Castillo, Willian H. G. Corrêa
  • Asymptotic Müntz–Szász Theorems
    Jim Agler, John E. McCarthy
  • Symmetric stable processes on amenable groups
    Nachi Avraham-Re’em
  • Extremal bounds for Dirichlet polynomials with random multiplicative coefficients
    Jacques Benatar, Alon Nishry
  • On meromorphic functions whose image has finite spherical area
    Oleg Ivrii
  • Compactness in Lipschitz spaces and around
    Jacek Gulgowski, Piotr Kasprzak, Piotr Maćkowiak
  • Discrete approximations to Dirichlet and Neumann Laplacians on a half-space and norm resolvent convergence
    Horia Cornean, Henrik Garde, Arne Jensen

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