• Duality results in Banach and quasi-Banach spaces of homogeneous polynomials and applications
    Vinícius V. Fávaro, Daniel Pellegrino
  • Endomorphisms of the Cuntz algebras and the Thompson groups
    Selçuk Barlak, Jeong Hee Hong, Wojciech Szymański
  • On bi-free multiplicative convolution
    Mingchu Gao
  • Stochastic integration in quasi-Banach spaces
    Petru A. Cioica-Licht, Sonja G. Cox, Mark C. Veraar
  • The product Stein–Weiss theorem
    Eric T. Sawyer, Zipeng Wang
  • Corrigendum to “Tautness for sets of multiples and applications to $\mathcal B$-free dynamics”
    Gerhard Keller
  • Superscarred quasimodes on flat surfaces with conical singularities
    Omer Friedland, Henrik Ueberschär
  • Continuity of nonlinear positive maps between $C^*$-algebras
    Ali Dadkhah, Mohammad Sal Moslehian, Mohsen Kian
  • $L^p$ solutions for stochastic evolution equation with nonlinear potential
    John M. Noble
  • Concentration inequalities for ultra log-concave distributions
    Heshan Aravinda, Arnaud Marsiglietti, James Melbourne
  • A large scale approach to decomposition spaces
    Eirik Berge, Franz Luef
  • Generation of the special linear group by elementary matrices in some measure Banach algebras
    Amol Sasane
  • Jordan $*$-homomorphisms on the spaces of continuous maps taking values in $C^{*}$-algebras
    Shiho Oi
  • Spectrum of weighted Birkhoff average
    Balázs Bárány, Michał Rams, Ruxi Shi
  • Duality for double iterated outer $L^p$ spaces
    Marco Fraccaroli
  • Minimization of lowest positive periodic eigenvalue for Camassa–Holm equation with indefinite potential
    Jifeng Chu, Gang Meng
  • Anomalous symmetries of classifiable C*-algebras
    Samuel Evington, Sergio Girón Pacheco
  • Weak$^*$ closures and derived sets for convex sets in dual Banach spaces
    Mikhail I. Ostrovskii
  • A biparameter decomposition of Davis–Garsia type
    Maciej Rzeszut, Bartosz Trojan
  • Compact multiplication operators on semicrossed products
    G. Andreolas, M. Anoussis, C. Magiatis
  • Approximation properties in terms of Lipschitz maps
    Mingu Jung, Ju Myung Kim
  • Fock space associated with quadrabasic Hermite orthogonal polynomials
    Wiktor Ejsmont
  • Noncommutative Wiener–Wintner type ergodic theorems
    Morgan O'Brien
  • Random Euclidean embeddings in finite dimensional Lorentz spaces
    Daniel J. Fresen
  • Helson operators and coinvariant subspaces
    Xiangdi Fu, Kunyu Guo, Fugang Yan
  • Kato's inequality for the strong $p(\cdot)$-Laplacian
    Tan Duc Do, Le Xuan Truong
  • The square roots of some classical operators
    Javad Mashreghi, Marek Ptak, William T. Ross
  • On Cauchy dual operator and duality for Banach spaces of analytic functions
    Paweł Pietrzycki
  • Characterizations of the Hardy space $\mathcal{H}_{FIO}^{1}(\mathbb{R}^{n})$ for Fourier integral operators
    Zhijie Fan, Naijia Liu, Jan Rozendaal, Liang Song
  • Weak limits of fractional Sobolev homeomorphisms are almost injective
    Armin Schikorra, James M. Scott

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