• Extension domains for Hardy spaces
    Shahaboddin Shaabani
  • Spherical maximal operators on Heisenberg groups: restricted dilation sets
    Joris Roos, Andreas Seeger, Rajula Srivastava
  • Möbius orthogonality of Thue-Morse sequence along Piatetski–Shapiro numbers
    Andrei Shubin
  • Quasidiagonal weighted shifts on directed trees
    Laurent W. Marcoux, Artur Płaneta
  • Amenability, weak amenability and bounded approximate identities in multipliers of the Fourier algebra
    B. E. Forrest
  • Induced representation theories between equivalent fell bundles
    Weijiao He
  • Hoffman type theorems on continuous maps in the maximal ideal space of ${\mathbf H^\infty}$
    Alexander Brudnyi
  • Strictly convex renormings and the diameter $2$ property
    Olav Nygaard, Märt Põldvere, Stanimir Troyanski, Tauri Viil
  • The Hilbert cube contains a minimal subshift of full mean dimension
    Lei Jin, Yixiao Qiao
  • Sharp weighted fractional Hardy inequalities
    Bartłomiej Dyda, Michał Kijaczko
  • Generalized Besov-type and Triebel–Lizorkin-type spaces
    Dorothee D. Haroske, Zhen Liu
  • Propagation of microlocal singularities for stochastic partial differential equations
    Adnan Aboulalaa
  • On isometries and Tingley’s problem for the spaces $T[\theta, \mathcal S_{\alpha}]$, $1 \leq \alpha \lt \omega_{1}$
    Natalia Maślany

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