Artykuły przyjęte do publikacji

  • Remarks on multiples of distributionally chaotic operators
    Zongbin Yin, Yu Huang
  • Composition operators on Besov spaces in the limiting case $s=1+1/p$
    Madani Moussai
  • A multiplier theorem for the Hankel transform on the associated Hardy space
    Yehao Shi, Zhongkai Li
  • The spherical dual transform is an isometry for spherical Wulff shapes
    Huhe Han, Takashi Nishimura
  • Weighted Korn inequality on John domains
    Fernando López-García
  • The boundedness of fractional maximal operators on variable Lebesgue spaces over spaces of homogeneous type
    D. Cruz-Uribe, OFS, P. Shukla
  • Sharp weighted convolution inequalities and some applications
    Weichao Guo, Dashan Fan, Huoxiong Wu, Guoping Zhao
  • Harmonic analysis on some generalized Gelfand pairs attached to Heisenberg groups
    Fernando Levstein, Linda Saal
  • Duality results in Banach and quasi-Banach spaces of homogeneous polynomials and applications
    Vinícius V. Fávaro, Daniel Pellegrino
  • Semisolidity and locally weak quasisymmetry of homeomorphisms in metric spaces
    Manzi Huang, Antti Rasila, Xiantao Wang, Qingshan Zhou
  • Fluctuations of ergodic averages for actions of groups of polynomial growth
    Nikita Moriakov
  • Weak$^*$ fixed point property in $\ell_1$ and polyhedrality in Lindenstrauss spaces
    Emanuele Casini, Enrico Miglierina, Łukasz Piasecki, Roxana Popescu
  • Sparse bounds for maximal monomial oscillatory Hilbert transforms
    Ben Krause, Michael T. Lacey
  • Weighted a priori estimates for elliptic equations
    María E. Cejas, Ricardo G. Durán
  • Non-autonomous right and left multiplicative perturbations and maximal regularity
    Mahdi Achache, El Maati Ouhabaz
  • On relations between weak and restricted weak type inequalities for maximal operators on non-doubling metric measure spaces
    Dariusz Kosz
  • Weighted norm inequalities for bilinear flag Fourier multipliers
    Xiaojin Zhang, Zongguang Liu
  • Eigenvalues and dynamical properties of weighted backward shifts on the space of real analytic functions
    Paweł Domański, Can Deha Karıksız
  • A non-separable uniformly convex Banach space on which there are few operators
    H. M. Wark
  • Unboundedness theorems for symbols adapted to large subspaces
    Robert Kesler
  • On systems with quasi-discrete spectrum
    Markus Haase, Nikita Moriakov
  • Aperiodicity, topological freeness and pure outerness: from group actions to Fell bundles
    Bartosz Kosma Kwaśniewski, Ralf Meyer
  • Monovex sets
    Lev Buhovsky, Eilon Solan, Omri N. Solan
  • Remarks on the set of norm-attaining functionals and differentiability
    Antonio J. Guirao, Vicente Montesinos, Vaclav Zizler
  • Multipliers between model spaces
    Emmanuel Fricain, Andreas Hartmann, William T. Ross
  • Invariant Banach limits and their extreme points
    Egor Alekhno, Evgenii Semenov, Fedor Sukochev, Alexandr Usachev
  • Peculiar homomorphisms on algebras of vector valued maps
    Osamu Hatori, Shiho Oi, Hiroyuki Takagi
  • Hardy spaces of vector-valued Dirichlet series
    Andreas Defant, Antonio Pérez
  • Isometries of perfect norm ideals of compact operators
    Behzod Aminov, Vladimir Chilin
  • A note on the criterion for a best approximation by superpositions of functions
    Vugar E. Ismailov
  • Translation invariant valuations on quasi-concave functions
    Andrea Colesanti, Nico Lombardi, Lukas Parapatits
  • Contractive polynomials in the Volterra operator
    A.F.M. ter Elst, Jaroslav Zemánek
  • Interpolating sequences and Carleson measures in the Hardy–Sobolev spaces of the ball in ${\mathbb{C}}^{n}$
    E. Amar
  • Rényi entropy power inequality and a reverse
    Jiange Li
  • Morita embeddings for dual operator algebras and dual operator spaces
    G. K. Eleftherakis
  • On a problem of Jaak Peetre concerning pointwise multipliers of Besov spaces
    Van Kien Nguyen, Winfried Sickel
  • Path connected components in the space of weighted composition operators on the $QA$ space
    Kei Ji Izuchi, Yuko Izuchi
  • Singular integral operators with rough kernel on Morrey type spaces
    Kwok-Pun Ho
  • Spectral results for perturbed periodic Jacobi matrices using the discrete Levinson technique
    Edmund Judge, Sergey Naboko, Ian Wood
  • Quasi-isometries of $C_{0}(K, E)$ spaces which determine $K$ for all Euclidean space $E$
    Elói Medina Galego, André Luis Porto da Silva
  • Fourier multipliers and weak differential subordination of martingales in UMD Banach spaces
    Ivan Yaroslavtsev
  • Product of two Kochergin flows with different exponents is not standard
    Adam Kanigowski, Daren Wei
  • Weighted inequalities for singular integral operators on the half-line
    Ralph Chill, Sebastian Król
  • Generalized dual Sudakov minoration via dimension reduction—a program
    Shahar Mendelson, Emanuel Milman, Grigoris Paouris
  • A Harnack’s inequality in Orlicz–Sobolev spaces
    Waldo Arriagada, Jorge Huentutripay
  • Central Limit Theorem for some non-stationary Markov chains
    Jacek Gulgowski, Sander Hille, Tomasz Szarek, Maria Ziemlańska
  • Infinite symmetric ergodic index and related examples in infinite measure
    Isaac Loh, Cesar E. Silva, Ben Athiwaratkun
  • Hilbert $C^*$-modules over $\Sigma^*$-algebras II: $\Sigma^*$-Morita equivalence
    Clifford A. Bearden

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