Artykuły przyjęte do publikacji

  • Duality results in Banach and quasi-Banach spaces of homogeneous polynomials and applications
    Vinícius V. Fávaro, Daniel Pellegrino
  • Multipliers between model spaces
    Emmanuel Fricain, Andreas Hartmann, William T. Ross
  • Central Limit Theorem for some non-stationary Markov chains
    Jacek Gulgowski, Sander Hille, Tomasz Szarek, Maria Ziemlańska
  • Endomorphisms of the Cuntz algebras and the Thompson groups
    Selçuk Barlak, Jeong Hee Hong, Wojciech Szymański
  • Weighted mixed weak-type inequalities for multilinear operators
    Kangwei Li, Sheldy J. Ombrosi, M. Belén Picardi
  • On the preserved extremal structure of Lipschitz-free spaces
    Ramón J. Aliaga, Antonio J. Guirao
  • Invariant weakly positive semidefinite kernels with values in topologically ordered $*$-spaces
    Serdar Ay, Aurelian Gheondea
  • Boundary value problem and the Ehrhard inequality
    Paata Ivanisvili
  • Descriptive properties of vector-valued affine functions
    Jiří Spurný
  • Decisive Bratteli–Vershik models
    Tomasz Downarowicz, Olena Karpel
  • On intermediate subalgebras of inclusions of von Neumann algebras having common Cartan subalgebras and their basic extensions
    Takehiko Yamanouchi
  • Operator systems and C$^*$-extreme points
    Bojan Magajna
  • $L^p$ spherical multipliers on homogeneous trees
    Dario Celotto, Stefano Meda, Błażej Wróbel
  • A multiplier theorem for ultraspherical polynomials
    Sriram Alladi
  • Adler and Flatto revisited: cross-sections for geodesic flow on compact surfaces of constant negative curvature
    Svetlana Katok, Adam J. Zydney
  • Geometric properties of a binary non-Pisot inflation and absence of absolutely continuous diffraction
    Michael Baake, Natalie Priebe Frank, Uwe Grimm, E. Arthur Robinson Jr.
  • On functionals of excursions for Bessel processes with negative index
    Tomasz Byczkowski, Jacek Jakubowski, Maciej Wiśniewolski
  • Ideal extensions of classes of linear operators
    Geraldo Botelho, Ximena Mujica
  • Quantitative aspects of the Beurling–Helson theorem: Phase functions of a special form
    Vladimir Lebedev
  • Spatial recurrence for ergodic fractal measures
    Nadav Dym
  • Essential spectral radius estimates for some composition operators on $C^k(\bar{\Omega})$
    D. C. Moore
  • Mean ergodicity vs weak almost periodicity
    Moritz Gerlach, Jochen Glück
  • On the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck operator in convex sets of Banach spaces
    Gianluca Cappa
  • Unconditionality of periodic orthonormal spline systems in $L^p$
    Karen Keryan, Markus Passenbrunner
  • Tautness for sets of multiples and applications to $\mathcal B$-free dynamics
    Gerhard Keller
  • Relative weak mixing of W*-dynamical systems via joinings
    Rocco Duvenhage, Malcolm King
  • On bi-free multiplicative convolution
    Mingchu Gao
  • Homotopical stable ranks for certain C*-algebras
    Prahlad Vaidyanathan
  • Evolution variational inequalities with growth conditions in metric spaces
    Naoki Tanaka
  • Proving ergodicity via divergence of ergodic sums
    Zemer Kosloff
  • On sets where $\operatorname{lip} f$ is finite
    Zoltán Buczolich, Bruce Hanson, Martin Rmoutil, Thomas Zürcher
  • A remark on symbolic powers
    Alexander Rashkovskii
  • Subspaces of $ H^{p}$ linearly homeomorphic to $l^{p}$
    E. Amar, I. Chalendar, B. Chevreau
  • Involution similarity preserving linear maps
    Zijie Qin, Fangyan Lu
  • Toeplitz and Hankel operators between distinct Hardy spaces
    Karol Leśnik
  • Pencils of pairs of projections
    Miaomiao Cui, Guoxing Ji
  • Radial Schur multipliers on some generalisations of trees
    Ignacio Vergara
  • Poisson processes and a log-concave Bernstein theorem
    Bo’az Klartag, Joseph Lehec
  • Pairs of commuting isometries - I
    Amit Maji, Jaydeb Sarkar, Sankar T. R.
  • Two-weighted Hardy operators in $L^{p(\cdot)}$ spaces and applications
    David E. Edmunds, Alexander Meskhi
  • Bimodules over ${\rm VN}(G)$, harmonic operators and the non-commutative Poisson boundary
    M. Anoussis, A. Katavolos, I. G. Todorov
  • Common upper frequent hypercyclicity
    Monia Mestiri
  • Integer part independent polynomial averages and applications along primes
    Dimitris Karageorgos, Andreas Koutsogiannis

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