• On the closedness of the sum of marginal subspaces on $[a,b)$
    Ivan Feshchenko
  • Norm attaining vectors and Hilbert points
    Konstantinos Bampouras, Ole Fredrik Brevig
  • Existence results for mean field type equations on line bundles
    Mengjie Zhang, Yunyan Yang
  • On the Lipschitz operator ideal $\mathrm{Lip}_{0}\circ \mathcal A\circ \mathrm{Lip}_{0}$
    Nahuel Albarracín, Pablo Turco
  • On inverse problem for free quasiconformality in Banach spaces
    Yuehui He, Liulan Li, Qingshan Zhou
  • More on the (uniform) Mazur intersection property
    Deepak Gothwal
  • Weak type $A_p$ estimate for bilinear Calderón–Zygmund operators
    Linfei Zheng
  • Kuttler–Sigillito’s inequalities and Rellich–Christianson identity
    Stine Marie Berge
  • Weighted shifts on directed forests and hyponormality
    Piotr Pikul
  • Carleson measures for the Bloch space
    Guanlong Bao, Juntao Du, Hasi Wulan, Kehe Zhu
  • Lifting B-subnormal operators
    Sameer Chavan, Zenon Jan Jabłoński, Il Bong Jung, Jan Stochel
  • The ball-covering property of noncommutative symmetric spaces
    Jinghao Huang, Karimbergen Kudaybergenov

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