On the uniform convergence and L¹-convergence of double Walsh-Fourier series

Volume 102 / 1992

Ferenc Móricz Studia Mathematica 102 (1992), 225-237 DOI: 10.4064/sm-102-3-225-237


In 1970 C. W. Onneweer formulated a sufficient condition for a periodic W-continuous function to have a Walsh-Fourier series which converges uniformly to the function. In this paper we extend his results from single to double Walsh-Fourier series in a more general setting. We study the convergence of rectangular partial sums in $L^p$-norm for some 1 ≤ p ≤ ∞ over the unit square [0,1) × [0,1). In case p = ∞, by $L^p$ we mean $C_W$, the collection of uniformly W-continuous functions f(x, y), endowed with the supremum norm. As special cases, we obtain the extensions of the Dini-Lipschitz test and the Dirichlet-Jordan test for double Walsh-Fourier series.


  • Ferenc Móricz

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