An uncertainty principle related to the Poisson summation formula

Volume 121 / 1996

K. Gröchenig Studia Mathematica 121 (1996), 87-104 DOI: 10.4064/sm-121-1-87-104


We prove a class of uncertainty principles of the form $∥S_{g}f∥_{1} ≤ C(∥x^{a}f∥_{p} + ∥ω^{b}f̂∥_{q})$, where $S_{g}f$ is the short time Fourier transform of f. We obtain a characterization of the range of parameters a,b,p,q for which such an uncertainty principle holds. Counter-examples are constructed using Gabor expansions and unimodular polynomials. These uncertainty principles relate the decay of f and f̂ to their behaviour in phase space. Two applications are given: (a) If such an inequality holds, then the Poisson summation formula is valid with absolute convergence of both sums. (b) The validity of an uncertainty principle implies sufficient conditions on a symbol σ such that the corresponding pseudodifferential operator is of trace class.


  • K. Gröchenig

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