How to organize a conference

Trouble-free application

Submit an application for a conference or for a research group at the Banach Center using our standard Application Form. The form can be submitted to the Banach Center office via e-mail or by fax (+48 22 5228298).

Details on organizing a conference

Please browse the pages listed in the menu to learn more about applying for a conference and rules of financing. Also, be sure to read the 'BC Publications' section for guidelines on publishing conference proceedings in the BCP series. Feel free to contact the Banach Center Office about any questions.

Conference organizers have to manage a web page with details about the appropriate event. Such pages are hosted on the Banach Center Conferences website, the starting conference page is constructed by the Banach Center staff and managed later by the conference manager by the CMS (Content Management System). Short guides to our CMS may be helpful for organizers. 

We strongly encourage potential organizers to make a reservation for their conference by the Banach Center Office sufficiently early, in order to avoid the situation that there is no more place in the Conference Center in Będlewo for organizing it within the planned period.

We also kindly ask the organizers of standard five-day conferences to plan, if it is only possible, the arrivals for Sunday afternoon and the departures for Friday or Saturday. Of course, in individual cases, participants will be allowed to stay until Sunday.

Feel free to distribute our poster among fellow mathematicians!

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