How to apply

Banach Center organizes events in its centers in Będlewo and Warsaw, and exceptionally also in other IMPAN branches (Kraków, Wrocław and Sopot).

1. How to apply for larger meetings

For larger meetings, at least 15 participants (conferences, mini-semesters, semesters, academic years, forums, bigger workshops), an application should be sent via e-mail to the office of the BC with a copy to the Deputy Director responsible for the Banach Center. The deadline for the applications sent for the main, annual competition is 5th of May, 2024 (for meetings scheduled in 2024 - 2026). These will be assessed by the Scientific Council of the Banach Center. Each application will be considered during the meeting on the basis of the organisers' presentations.
One of the organizers of the event presents the project, answering possible questions of the Scientific Council, which will consider primarily the scientific quality of the application, but also the impact of the event on Polish mathematics. The events supported by the Scientific Council receive partial funding from the Banach Center, covering approximately 20-50% of the local costs.

Applications can be also sent continuously through the year, in which case they are assessed only by the Deputy Director responsible for the Banach Center. The offered financial support is in this case significantly smaller.

The Organizing Committee of every meeting should preferably include at least one Polish resident, but this is not a necessary condition.
Local costs in Będlewo are at the range of 320- 350 EUR per person per week (this includes accommodation and full board, conference dinner, transport from and to Poznań, and an afternoon excursion). 

More information can be obtained at the Banach Center office, at office@impan.pl

2. How to apply for smaller meetings

For smaller mettings (at most 15 participants: small workshops, research groups, small forums) an application should be sent via e-mail to the office of the BC with a copy to the Deputy Director responsible for the Banach Center.

3. What to include in an application proposal

  1. Title of the conference/workshop etc.
  2. Organizing Committee with e-mail addresses (and phone numbers if possible)
  3. Time and length of the conference/workshop etc.
  4. A short description, up to one page, of scientific topics which possibly will be discussed
  5. Description of the structure of the conference (e.g. plenary lectures, parallel sessions, poster sessions)
  6. If the scientific event is cyclic and organized on a regular basis, a report from its scientific committee about the previous events would be required and attached to the application forms
  7. An expected number of participants (lower and upper bounds)
  8. A tentative (as realistic as possible) list of participants (by countries, if possible). The list of the participants is to be updated, and in case of cyclic conferences, not copied from the previous applications
  9. List of invited speakers with information whether they are confirmed or not
  10. An approximate total cost of the conference/workshop etc. and a financial support expected from the Banach Center
  11. Information whether the organizers wish to publish the proceedings in the BCP series

4. Application Form

Note also that:

  • * The deadline for the applications that should be considered by the Scientific Council is  5th of May, 2024.
  • * We strongly encourage the organizers to look for other sources of financing the conference.
  • * In the distributed information (posters, etc.) about your conference please indicate that it is a Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center event.
  • * If you are planning to publish the proceedings of the conference in the Banach Center Publications series, please notify the authors that all papers should be prepared using the bcp style file, available at the Institute’s web site and follow the instructions at the web site.
  • * The external funds should be paid into the Institute's account.
  • * In case of conferences organized in Warsaw, at least a week before the beginning of the meeting, the organizers should submit to the Banach Center office the number of participants, anticipated TOTAL expenses: the cost of accommodation (including support by the BC), per diem, other expenses (accessories, dinners, excursions etc.), and the list of all sources and amount of external funds.
    The organizers of the conferences in Będlewo, should provide Będlewo office with such a data.
  • Max. one month after the meeting, with the help of the Banach Center office, the organizers should submit a financial and scientific report.
  • Such a scientific report (written in English) should include the following data:
    1. Title and dates of the conference;
    2. Organizers and co-organizers, members of the scientific committee;
    3. Number of participants (with country classification);
    4. Number of women participating in the conference:
    a) how many women were in the organizing committee;
    b) how many women gave a talk during the conference;
    5. Number of talks (including the titles of talks of foreign participants);
    6. Short merits-related description of the scientific event;
    7. Attachments: list of participants, programme of the conference;
    8. Number of scientific institutions representatives of which participated in the conference.


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