About the program

Simons Semesters at Banach Center: 2020s vision

Simons Semesters at Banach Center: 2020s vision is a 3-year research and training in IMPAN. The Institute has been an awardee in 2020 in the competition: 
Targeted Grants for Institutes, by Simons Foundation. The program Targeted Grants for Institutes is intended to support institutions in the mathematics and physical sciences through funding to centers of excellence, to help establish scientific culture and strengthen contacts within the international scientific community.

Award Number: 663281,
Award Start Date: January 1, 2021, 
Award End Date: December 31, 2023.

Local Scientific and Organizing Committee of the Program

Coordinators: Piotr Gwiazda, Piotr Nowak, Feliks Przytycki, Piotr Sankowski, Łukasz Stettner.

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