Regulations of the IM PAN Reading Rooms

1. The Reading Room is open:

from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m – 4 p.m.

2. When using the Reading Room, we kindly ask you to:

• leave the covers, briefcases and bags in the cloakroom of the Library and mute mobile phones,

• sign in in the visit book, located in the Lending Room on the left side of the entrance,

• report your own books and journals brought to the Reading Room,

• careful handling of publications, catalogs, and electronic equipment in the Library

• keeping silence in the Reading Room,

• not leaving the publications outside the Reading Room without reporting to the librarian on duty,

• search for books and taking them out of the shelves, which are within easy reach on your own

• not climbing ladders - using books on high shelves is allowed only with the help of an authorized library employee

• placing used materials from free access on carts/containers and returning publications received from the warehouse to the Library employee,

• use the help of the librarian on duty if you want to use paper copies of magazines, preprints, prints or old books (orders for these collections after 3 p.m. will be processed the next day),

• eating meals and smoking is not allowed in the Library.

3. It is possible to put aside the books needed by the library user for a period of two weeks (a legibly signed sheet with the current date and the reference numbers of the retained books should be inserted into the books). After this time, the books will be put back into the storage room in their place.

4. If a magazine or book is found damaged or destroyed, the library user is asked to report it to the librarian on duty.

We kindly ask our readers to abide by the above regulations.

Regulations for borrowing collections from the IM PAN Library

Regulations for borrowing collections from the IM PAN Library

1. The Lending Library is open:

from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

2. IM PAN employees may borrow publications outside the Library on the basis of a self-signed slip. The employee with whom the employment contract is terminated is obliged to settle liabilities towards the Library before the end of employment at the IM PAN.

3. Persons not employed at the IM PAN, including students, may use the collections in the reading room or borrow publications from the Library's collections on the basis of an order/slip issued by the home institution/university, signed by an authorized person, with the stamp and address of this institutions..

4. The library confirms the return of the borrowed book by handing over the signed part of the slip.

5. The period of loan:

• for individuals - 90 days,

• for libraries (interlibrary loans) - 30 days.

At the user's request and with the librarian's consent, the deadline for returning the book may be extended.

6. If the deadline for returning a book is exceeded, the Library will send the user a written reminder. Please note that books from our Library are often unique in the country and should serve many readers.

7. Books lent can be booked. After receiving notification of the return of the ordered book, it can be picked up within a week. After this date, it will be loaned to the next person waiting.

8. Damage, destruction and loss:

• if a book is lost or damaged, the user is asked to report this fact and buy another copy of the same book, and if it is impossible, the book indicated by the Library Manager,

• in case of damage the book, the user should fix it, the costs of reparation and rebinding are covered by the user (or the borrowing institution).

9. Outside the Library, the following are not borrowed:

• journals and magazines,

• reference books,

• items published before 1945.

8. A book from the novelty exhibition can be ordered by pinning a note to the book with the signature and the name and surname of the user, e-mail address and current date.

9. Documents published in the Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes (RCIN) are not available in their original printed form.

10. The rules of interlibrary loans are in line with the Libraries Act of June 27, 1997, as amended. Postage charges for interlibrary shipments covers the institution sending the publication.

We kindly ask you to abide by the above regulations.


Costs of photocopying, scans and file transfer

1. The cost of making a photocopy or scan from the paper version of the publishing house in the collection is:

• The library user makes a photocopying or scan on the spot, payment in cash without an invoice:

1 page - PLN 0.20

• The library user makes a photocopy or scan on the spot, invoice payable in cash or by bank transfer:

1 page PLN 0.21 + VAT = PLN 0.26 gross

• the service of making scans by the Library with delivery to the e-mail address of the ordering party, payable by bank transfer after issuing the invoice: PLN 5 net + VAT, i.e. PLN 6.15 gross (regardless of the number of pages in the file, but 1 publication = 1 file)

2. The cost of sending a pdf file of a single article from the electronic collection of the library by e-mail is:

1 electronic article: PLN 5 net + VAT, i.e. PLN 6.15 gross

The library does not make copies of entire monographs and journal volumes, but only selected fragments or individual articles/chapters.

3. "Paper on demand" service: At the written request of a researcher of IM PAN or retired researcher of IM PAN, the library may purchase and share for free to the researcher an electronic version of an article in a non-subscribed journal. Shopping refers to an article that appeared in a journal indexed in the MathSciNet database. Orders are accepted only by e-mail to the address library@impan.pl, and should contain bibliographic data of the paper and the name and surname of the person placing the order. The costs of the order are covered by the Institute.

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