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Corrigendum to “On the conjecture of Ulam on the invariance of measure in the Hilbert cube” (Colloq. Math. 152 (2018), 79–95)

Volume 164 / 2021

Soon-Mo Jung, Eui Chul Kim Colloquium Mathematicum 164 (2021), 161-170 MSC: Primary 28C10; Secondary 28C20. DOI: 10.4064/cm7145C-12-2018 Published online: 5 August 2020


In this corrigendum, we mainly revise Lemma 5.1 of the paper by introducing an extension $F : {\rm GS}(J,p) \to M_a$ of the surjective $d_a$-isometry $f : J \to K$, where $J$ is an infinite-dimensional interval defined as $ J = \prod _{i=1}^\infty J_i $ with intervals $J_i = [ p_{1i}, p_{2i} ]$ ($0 \leq p_{1i} \lt p_{2i} \leq 1$ for $i \in \{ 1, \ldots , n \}$ and $p_{1i} = 0$, $p_{2i} = 1$ for $i \gt n$) and with the generalized linear span ${\rm GS}(J,p)$ of $J$ with respect to $p$.


  • Soon-Mo JungMathematics Section
    College of Science and Technology
    Hongik University
    30016 Sejong, Korea
  • Eui Chul KimDepartment of Mathematics Education
    College of Education
    Andong National University
    36729 Andong, Korea

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