Some decidable theories with finitely many covers which are decidable and algorithmically found

Volume 67 / 1994

Cornelia Kalfa Colloquium Mathematicum 67 (1994), 61-67 DOI: 10.4064/cm-67-1-61-67


In any recursive algebraic language, I find an interval of the lattice of equational theories, every element of which has finitely many covers. With every finite set of equations of this language, an equational theory of this interval is associated, which is decidable with decidable covers that can be algorithmically found. If the language is finite, both this theory and its covers are finitely based. Also, for every finite language and for every natural number n, I construct a finitely based decidable theory together with its exactly n covers which are decidable and finitely based. The construction is algorithmic.


  • Cornelia Kalfa

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