Hahn's Embedding Theorem for orders and harmonic analysis on groups with ordered duals

Volume 70 / 1996

Nakhlé Asmar, Stephen Montgomery-Smith Colloquium Mathematicum 70 (1996), 235-252 DOI: 10.4064/cm-70-2-235-252


Let G be a locally compact abelian group whose dual group Γ contains a Haar measurable order P. Using the order P we define the conjugate function operator on $L^p(G)$, 1 ≤ p < ∞, as was done by Helson [7]. We will show how to use Hahn's Embedding Theorem for orders and the ergodic Hilbert transform to study the conjugate function. Our approach enables us to define a filtration of the Borel σ-algebra on G, which in turn will allow us to introduce tools from martingale theory into the analysis on groups with ordered duals. We illustrate our methods by describing a concrete way to construct the conjugate function in $L^p(G)$. This construction is in terms of an unconditionally convergent conjugate series whose individual terms are constructed from specific ergodic Hilbert transforms. We also present a study of the square function associated with the conjugate series.


  • Nakhlé Asmar
  • Stephen Montgomery-Smith

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