On nondistributive Steiner quasigroups

Volume 74 / 1997

A. Marczak Colloquium Mathematicum 74 (1997), 135-145 DOI: 10.4064/cm-74-1-135-145


A well known result of R. Dedekind states that a lattice is nonmodular if and only if it has a sublattice isomorphic to $N_5$. Similarly a lattice is nondistributive if and only if it has a sublattice isomorphic to $N_5$ or $M_3$ (see [11]). Recently a few results in this spirit were obtained involving the number of polynomials of an algebra (see e.g. [1], [3], [5], [6]). In this paper we prove that a nondistributive Steiner quasigroup (G,·) has at least 21 essentially ternary polynomials (which improves the recent result obtained in [7]) and this bound is achieved if and only if (G,·) satisfies the identity (xz·yz)·(xy)z = (xz)y·x. Moreover we prove that a Steiner quasigroup (G,·) with 21 essentially ternary polynomials contains isomorphically a certain Steiner quasigroup (M,·), which we describe in Section 1.


  • A. Marczak

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