On $\check{H}^n$-bubbles in n-dimensional compacta

Volume 75 / 1998

Umed Karimov, Dušan Repovš Colloquium Mathematicum 75 (1998), 39-51 DOI: 10.4064/cm-75-1-39-51


A topological space X is called an $\check{H}^n$-bubble (n is a natural number, $\check{H}^n$ is Čech cohomology with integer coefficients) if its n-dimensional cohomology $\check{H}^n(X)$ is nontrivial and the n-dimensional cohomology of every proper subspace is trivial. The main results of our paper are: (1) Any compact metrizable $\check{H}^n$-bubble is locally connected; (2) There exists a 2-dimensional 2-acyclic compact metrizable ANR which does not contain any $\check{H}^2$-bubbles; and (3) Every n-acyclic finite-dimensional $L\check{H}^n$-trivial metrizable compactum contains an $\check{H}^n$-bubble.


  • Umed Karimov
  • Dušan Repovš

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