Finite groups with globally permutable lattice of subgroups

Volume 82 / 1999

C. Bagiński, A. Sakowicz Colloquium Mathematicum 82 (1999), 65-77 DOI: 10.4064/cm-82-1-65-77


The notions of permutable and globally permutable lattices were first introduced and studied by J. Krempa and B. Terlikowska-Osłowska [4]. These are lattices preserving many interesting properties of modular lattices. In this paper all finite groups with globally permutable lattices of subgroups are described. It is shown that such finite p-groups are exactly the p-groups with modular lattices of subgroups, and that the non-nilpotent groups form an essentially larger class though they have a description very similar to that of non-nilpotent modular groups.


  • C. Bagiński
  • A. Sakowicz

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